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6 Tips To Wear Clothes in Monsoon

6 Tips To Wear Clothes in Monsoon

Published on 06-JUL-22

Rains bring mud, humidity and a slew of other fashion faux pas, forcing the need to switch to a monsoon clothes. For men who are having trouble matching your ensemble to the weather, we got you sorted with these 6 monsoon clothing tips to remember, try and slay this season.

You know it is time to change your wardrobe when the monsoon is pounding at your door as you don't want to go outside in the rain in your jeans, just to return home and spend another 15 minutes trying to get them off your legs. Rains bring mud, humidity and a slew of other fashion faux pas, forcing the need to switch to a monsoon outfit.

For men who are having trouble matching your ensemble to the weather, we got you sorted with some monsoon fashion tips to stay on top of your fashion game. Here are 6 monsoon season clothes by our in-house stylist to remember, try and slay this season:

1. Shorts are the way to go - To avoid getting dirt stains and rain splatters on your pants, casual shorts and chinos are an ideal pick for the monsoon season. You can wear colourful and patterned chinos shorts with t-shirts to provide a splash of colour to the gloomy days. You can even pair your casual vibrant shorts with a plain white buttoned-down cotton shirt or a polo for a laid-back look. You can choose from a variety of footwear, including casual sneakers, boots, and rubber-soled penny loafers.

2. T-shirts can never go wrong - Tshirts are wonderful for looking fashionable, and weather-appropriate at the same time. Invest in a few basic t-shirts that you can wear from bed to work with ease. You may also include bold graphic t-shirts into your collection to make a statement. Combine it with a pair of chinos or pants and you are ready to style your monsoon fashion. Wear a beautiful pair of shoes with the ensemble and let them do the majority of the talking.

3. Have some fun with tank tops - Tank tops are easy, comfortable, and best clothes in monsoon. To style the look, couple it with a pair of shorts for a relaxed yet fun look. Sandals with straps or slippers that are just the perfect combo of casual and formal will give your feet a little bit of air and raindrops, much like your arms. The best part about this outfit is that you can layer it up with a washed-out denim shirt and modify it depending on how hot, cool, or wet the weather is.

4. Go athleisure - Whether you are "active" or not, everyone likes athleisure wear. Fitness-inspired clothes have become one of the hottest trends on the market. Today, you can don a pair of joggers anywhere! Although joggers as a part of monsoon wear are typically worn for lounging, these impeccably versatile monsoon-season outfits are worn by men almost everywhere. Be it the gym, a stroll, at the movies or even a date, joggers are the most comfortable staple in a man’s wardrobe. For a typical monsoon wear outfit, you can pair your joggers with a hoodie or sweatshirt. But if you’re looking for stylish monsoon outfit ideas, check out DaMENSCH’ range of casual wear that fits any occasion.

5. Casual is the king - During the monsoons, avoid going overboard with your style. You are going to be soaked one way or the other. But don't let the rain dampen your spirits. You can improve your casual game by having some fun with your style. Remember, shorts are a must-have for every man during the monsoons. You can now pair them up however you want. Also allow your feet to breathe and experiment with your monsoon style by wearing more slippers, sandals, and sliders.

6. Cotton is your best bet - In the monsoon season, it is more important to make your clothes sweat-proof than it is to make them rain-proof. The humidity makes you drenched and gives you sweat marks, which are unpleasant to look at (nevermind the smell). Your best bet? Stick to cotton as much as possible. To keep it both useful and fashionable, choose light, airy t-shirts, and comfortable cotton shorts or joggers.