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Wintervention by DaMENSCH

Wintervention by DaMENSCH
Published on February 03, 2022

Hey man, your wardrobe called. It’s looking for a change. It needs intervention.

Mens winter fashion goes beyond the purely functional aspect of it. Sure, staying warm is important but we all know that looking fly is the real reason we like to wrap up. The mantra is simple — more layers, more style. With the number of different combinations possible, it only makes sense that this is a great time of the year to showcase a number of stylish winter wear for men. That’s why picking the right winter outfits before the season rolls along is crucial to keeping your style quotient up.

DaMENSCH’s mens winter fashion collection are the perfect ingredients to your wardrobe — because of their versatility. With the muted colours and chic design, our winter outfits for men let you style as you please. Contrast it with more loud apparel or keep it lowkey with the colours, whatever suits your personality.

Here are some items that will help you take your winter look for men to the next level: 

Hoodies, for that mysterious look!

Hoodies are a type of winter outfits for men that is ubiquitous in popular culture now. Like many garments, it has working-class roots — hoodies were initially made in the 1930s to help workers in US warehouses stay warm in freezing temperatures. Since then, it has evolved to become a symbol of winter style for men. Think Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character Rocky Balboa running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art dressed in plain grey hoodie and joggers, or Eminem in 8 Mile taking part in rap battles dressed in a classic hoodie. This also showcases the versatility of the hoodie – it can be your friend while running on a cold morning, and also a style statement at a party.  

The DaMENSCH Hoodie Collection is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, which means this is mens winter fashion that is better for both nature and our cotton-growing communities. The hand and bottom cuffs are made of 2 x 2 ribbed cotton with elastane, making them extra durable and super stretchy for your workouts. 

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Joggers — they’re not just for jogging!

Designed for athletes to stretch and run comfortably, joggers have come a long way from their debut in basketball courts and track-and-field events. Turns out that comfy, stretchy, roomy design is also very useful for the opposite purpose – lounging! Known also as sweatpants, trackpants or trackie daks, joggers have become a staple of leisurewear worldwide. Nowadays, sweatpants indicate a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life – they’re equally useful whether you’re doing complicated yoga stretches, or lounging about eating pizza (the elastic waistband comes in handy!).

With the world moving online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sweatpants have become a staple of work from culture. We’ve all seen the jokes about people attending business meetings wearing formal tops and joggers, which are never visible on camera. Even Anna Wintour, queen of high fashion, was spotted in them

With comfort taking centre stage in our mens winter fashion vocabulary — it’s as good a time as any to grab yourself a new pair of joggers. You’d be hard pressed to find joggers more comfortable than the ones we offer at DaMENSCH. Available in two varieties – basic joggers and statement joggers, we’ve got you covered whether you want to stay in and be low-key or go out and make a statement. Whatever your choice — these will give you premium cotton blend comfort, superior stretchiness and a secure zipper pocket to keep your belongings safe. 

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Sweatshirts that are effortlessly chic!

Don’t sweat the small decisions — a sweatshirt is always worth getting. Why? Well, you can wear a sweatshirt with almost anything. T-Shirt and pants too cold for the evening? winter outfits menThrow on a sweatshirt. Just woke up but don’t have the energy to change into a new shirt? Just throw on a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are perfect for a low-effort, but cool and collegiate look. That’s why they’re so damn popular!

Initially designed as training wear for athletes, printed sweatshirts took off on university campuses as a way to rep your alma mater, and then made its way into hip-hop culture, where it became a staple of winter style for men

The DaMENSCH winter wear collection has two varieties of sweatshirts — basic sweatshirts and statement sweatshirts. Both varieties are made from interlocked knit fabric, which is the sturdiest of all knit fabrics. This interlock knit makes the fabric fall over your skin smoothly, is abrasion resistant and has good recovery even when stretched out. They’re also double-dyed keeping the colours looking fresh and brand-new for ages!

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