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Joggers: Your Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style
Published on November 10, 2021

With Covid endorsing chaos worldwide, everyone was forced to stay home and quarantined for two years. In these two years, fashion changed immensely; we moved to value comfort over style. From attending online classes to zoom meetings, we got a bit too comfortable at home armed with our favorite sweatpants. Now, with the vaccinations, things have started to turn their course towards a sense of normalcy we’ve become alien to. 

As we return to schools, colleges, and offices, it’s hard to turn back to formal wear when we’ve become so accustomed to comfort. Why not have them both together? High-quality sweatpants are updated to make them suitable for outside the confines of your homes. Slim, stylish, and sophisticated, joggers provide comfort and style, making you feel put together and comfortable at the same time. Far from the baggy sweatpants look, joggers are a slim-fit style that gives you a sophisticated look, great for your transition into getting used to the new normal.

Styling Your Joggers:

This may still feel unbelievable, but when styled the right way, joggers are a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Here are a couple of ways you can style your joggers to teach your style for the day with comfort. 

  •  A plain t-shirt

Nothing says classy like a plain white t-shirt or even a black one paired with your favorite pair of joggers. If you’re a girl, tuck it in, add some hoops, and you have a classy, comfortable outfit ready to wear. For both genders, make sure the t-shirt is well-fitted, and the jogger sits tight a little above your ankles to give you that comfortable yet classy aesthetic.

  • Sweatshirts & Jogger Pants

Sweatshirts and joggers may seem like a baggy casual gym or home outfit, and it’s not if you style it just right. When done right, it can transform into a seriously stylish streetwear look or even a polished, trendy look. Add some stylish sneakers, boots, and some classy accessories to promote your outfit to more than just loungewear.

  • Jackets

An athletic look can always be one you can wear on a nice day out. Pair your long-forgotten track jackets with your jogger pants and carry out a cute athletic aesthetic for your outerwear. While we’re talking about jackets, you can’t miss denim and those classy biker jackets. This addition adds a stylish piece to your outfit, allowing for a more sophisticated put-together look. Mixing a soft, comfortable look with a stylish jacket is a great way to make your outfit look trendy. Not just these, any jacket will do. With the slim-fit joggers look, make sure these jackets are short, just around your waist length to for a nice put-together look.

  • Hoodies

Who doesn’t love a hoodie outfit? It’s cute and casual, and the perfect comfort looks for a casual day out. Hoodies are comfortable at their maximum; make sure you get a nice fit, so you have that nice look that’s trendy and put together. However, a hoodie and jogger pants can be styled to look more street stylist if you layer up, get some nice sneakers or boots and make it the perfect street aesthetic.

  • Blazers

Styling your favorite blazers with joggers is a very effective way to class up your comfortable outfits. A nice blazer over these slim-fit joggers allows for a sophisticated look that’s great for your on-site meetings. Your previously casual outfit is now formal and ready for that casual-formal trends. 

The Best Fabric:

While styling your joggers plays an important role in your look, selecting joggers with the perfect material gets you even further into selecting the perfect joggers for your comfortable days out.

We’ve been accustomed to relating comfort with cotton.

The Better Basics joggers feature cotton which is 100% better. All of it is sourced sustainably, giving you guilt-free fashion.


Joggers, if styled correctly, are the perfect addition to your comfort as well as your style. Call them updated, classier sweatpants, if you will. They come with the comfort of sweatpants and the class of pants. The slim-fit joggers, here at DaMENSCH are particularly great products that are very comfortable and in style. We have a good variety of colors to style them in various ways. Walk the streets in style with the class of joggers that fit you well and allow for perfect comfort in style moment.

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