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Mens Underwear Types to Check Out in 2022

Mens Underwear Types to Check Out in 2022
Published on February 15, 2022

There are many mens underwear types, and what type of underwear you choose may depend on two factors — style and practicality. Most people wear underwear for purely functional purposes. When it comes to daily use, comfort is king. But sometimes, wearing underwear can also be something you do to feel cool. It is not unheard of for people to have a “lucky pair”. So while comfort is definitely the most important factor, a deeper inspection of the topic reveals a myriad of emotional reasons for why men may pick different types of underwear. Simply put, there is no one best type of underwear for men.

Different Types of Mens Underwear:

The Classic Debate — Briefs Vs Boxers

If we were to place all the different types of mens underwear choices in a spectrum, briefs and boxers would be at opposite ends. Boxer enthusiasts feel quite strongly about briefs. For them, briefs are constrictive and sweaty. For them, maximum breathability is what matters. As for the briefs camp, they insist that that briefs keep everything nice and secure, while providing extra room for one’s thighs. 

male underwear types

Both camps have a point. Both types of mens underwear come with their benefits.

One the one hand, briefs are one of the most popular brands of underwear for a reason — thigh room. It’s commonly observed that a lot of athletes from footballers to cyclists prefer briefs, because these guys have bigger thighs than the average joe. If you pick the right size and fit, briefs are also excellent for doing cardio. Before Buying Must Check the Mens Underwear Size Chart.

On the other hand, boxers are exactly as they seem. The design is optimized for maximum breathability. And they’re ahem… “decent” enough to wear out in the open, making them the ideal choice for lounging around at home, or taking along on summer sleepover. The best part? You don’t even have to change into anything else before getting the door!

The Middle Ground – Boxer Briefs and Trunks

There are some guys who find the whole boxers vs briefs debate silly. The reason is simple — neither style works for them. Briefs are too itchy and restrictive and get too sweaty in the summer months, while boxers just let everything hang loose and don’t offer enough support — chaos!  

Luckily there’s a solution that finds the perfect balance between the two styles — boxer briefs! Popularized in the 90s by various brands, boxer briefs revolutionized men’s underwear by providing the best of both worlds — breathability, comfort, containment, support and most importantly, a fly-opening. 

different types of mens underwear

Men around the world rejoiced as they no longer needed to be stuck choosing between boxers and briefs. Another option that also offers a lot of the benefits of both camps are trunks. Trunks are just like boxer briefs, but lower cut and offering more support for those who need it. It’s good to have a pair of both handy so that you can choose from different types of underwear based on your needs. 

Thank God for the 90s for bringing along grunge, gangster rap, and most importantly, boxer briefs.

A Case for Inner Boxers – Mens Underwear Types

With the modern day conversation around different types of underwear mostly revolving around boxers, briefs and boxer briefs — one of the best male underwear types gets neglected. That’s right, we’re talking about the inner boxers

different types of underwear

What are inner boxers? Well, think boxers, but ultra light. No bells and whistles. Inner boxers are perfect for when you want your underwear to be so light that you don’t even feel like its there. It might be the next best thing to going commando. Usually made of cotton, these are the perfect choice for when you want boxer shorts, but purely for underwear purposes. Boxers are great for their versatility, because you can wear it both as innerwear and emergency outerwear. Inner boxers offer that same lightness and breathability, but don’t have the extra fabric that may make it uncomfortable when you’re using it as innerwear.

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What Is the Best Type of Underwear for Men?

Now that we’ve made our way through the pros and cons of all the mens underwear types — it’s time to make a decision. It’s very simple– just rate yourself from 1 to 10 where you fall in the spectrum between support and breathability (1 is for maximum support, 10 is for maximum breathability). If you’re a support guy, go for briefs. If breathability is more your style, go for boxers. If you want the best of both worlds, try boxer briefs. If you want boxer briefs, but with a little extra support, go for trunks. If you want boxers, but with even more breathability, opt for inner boxers. 

best type of underwear for men

If all the decision making seems tough to you, you might want to consider mixing up your underwear collection to suit your needs. Who says you have to choose? Have some pairs of briefs for football or aerobics, and keep a comfy pair of boxers handy for all your lounging needs. 

Whatever mens underwear types you choose, remember, every choice is valid! Different strokes for different folks.

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