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Best Men's Underwear - Shop for Every Body Type

Best Men's Underwear - Shop for Every Body Type
Published on August 23, 2021

A long day of travel, or one that’s spent outdoors, or just sitting in front of a laptop the whole time – these are all situations ripe for creating a bit of discomfort, deep down inside. Your underwear will get sticky, itchy, making you go scratchy. Your underwear has given up on you. It becomes a world of unhealthy bacteria and it’s time to take a refreshing shower. But imagine, if there was such a men’s underwear that controlled the moisture, temperature and improved breathability and stretchability throughout the day, all day, everyday.

Best Underwear for Men in India

Choosing an underwear for men is hard, more so because it has been an ignored, often overlooked category. The focus has always been on clothes that are “visible”, because duh, who’s gonna look underneath? 

But the times have changed! Don’t they say that beauty comes from within? We took it literally, bringing about a revolution that takes care of men’s *inner* needs.

Now, with the plethora of brands that cater to the best men’s underwear category, and each with their own USPs and focus of being the best underwear for men in India, it becomes a confusing choice for men who’ve been conditioned to never really focusing on their innerwear needs. 

So next time you go for mens innerwear shopping, online or offline, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. No Foul Play

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I stink when I sweat?” Sweat contributes to bad odour which has hormones and chemicals mixed into it. Additionally, sweat also puts water on your skin which is essential to the survival of bacteria and microbes. If the water sticks around for a significant amount of time, the bacteria will multiply, and that comes with additional contributions to you.

If that wasn’t enough, some of those chemicals in your sweat are ideal food for microbes. So, as you pour sweat into your innerwear, they make extra stinky. A breathable piece is important, it should be easy for air and moisture to pass through the best men’s underwear. This determines the comfort level, hygiene and longevity of your innerwear. So, opt for a design in which air can pass through the garment easily keeping you fresh for long.   

2. Moisture Control

Look for fabric that doesn’t hold the moisture in. The solution to this problem is easy. You want innerwear with good moisture wicking. Here’s the thing. Regular cotton is by far the most common material for underwear for men, but it doesn’t do so well at moisture-wicking. So you want something superior to cotton, that takes away the moisture. Give different varieties of comfortable cotton fabric a search online to find out yourself how certain fabric material made of cotton works better than other fabric also made of cotton. 

Remember, good innerwear won’t just help with the odour. 

They’ll also keep you cool and feel better. So, look for only the best underwear for men in India.

3. Consider The Fit

You also need to consider the fit of your types of inner wear. Tight waistbands and legs also trap moisture, even if you have a good microfiber material. Tightness anywhere is bad. It might not help you show your bulge, but that’s probably for the best anyways; this also doesn’t mean that you need the baggiest boxers in the world. As long as your boxer briefs don’t leave impression marks anywhere, you’re good on tightness. 

Hence, find out more about the stretch of the fabric. Can it handle extreme movements?

Can you break into a dance move in it?

Does it stretch four ways?

Stretchability of fabric and microfiber elasticity of waistbands is a key feature to tick mark when purchasing your next set of undies.

Check out the Mens Underwear Size Chart from here!!!

4. Softer is Better

You don’t want your delicates to be attacked by a fabric that is in a rough mood. So look for fabric that is soft and feels nice and breathable on your skin. This is important for that comfort and softness you are looking for in your underwear. Cotton is definitely a safe bet, thanks to its absorbency and breathability feature but prone to shrinking, you can explore the cotton blend variety, as well. 

DEO-SOFT men’s underwear range is twice softer than cotton. Similarly, our exclusive bamboo fabric used for crafting the NEO-SKIN Vest Collection feels ultra-soft, also double the softness when compared to cotton. The luxuriously smooth finish of the fabric stays with you, season after season. Feels so new every day, makes you forget when you purchased it.

5. Form & Functionality Matters

For once, fashion is superseded by functionality as mens innerwear should be a perfect fitting one providing you with comfort and support. If the fitting is not right, then you will face issues of chaffing and general discomfort. So, the right size and fitting definitely matters when it comes to choosing the right innerwear. A relatively deeper round neck that is designed to fall below your first open button, giving you the choices you didn’t have before can do wonders!

6. The Placebo Effect

No, don’t overlook the design and colour part of the innerwear for all you know the Placebo Effect is there. If you like the form and design, then choose among the various colours and patterns that fit your looks, personality and tastes. So, go for a functional innerwear with a splash of design. 

Wearing a well designed underwear that matches your personality can truly uplift your mood and day. It adds confidence to your strides. And if ever a moment comes when you’ve to show it off, well, you’re ready for it.

7. Sustainability Matters too

Being a part of the slow-fashion parade is good for the mind, body and soul, all. NEO-SKIN bamboo is much more sustainable than cotton because it is not only self-regenerating but also eliminates the use of pesticides. Feel good on the inside with your eco-friendly choice.

4 Most common types of Underwear for Men

Come to think of it, men have always been confused about what innerwear to buy, and have been using what is usually handed over to them. It’s time we learn about what are the common types of inner wear available for men, and each one’s USPs:

1. Briefs

underwear for men

Every man we know of possibly owns a pair of briefs. They are the most common, everyday wear, run-of-the-mill underwear that comes in a range of rises and designs that are good and comfortable. Their short length is good to cover your package, but there is no coverage or constraint on your thighs or legs, which is what makes them so comfortable for anything to be possibly worn over them. 

Briefs come in low-, medium-, and high-rise cuts that can accent the backside and profile. They leave the thigh and the side of the thigh exposed. The absence of excess fabric is key. Briefs can fit under tighter-fitting clothing without giving you a wedgie.

Low-rise briefs sit below the waistline over the hips. They give you just enough fabric to cover up what needs to be covered up and not a whole lot more. Many are designed to enhance the outline of the package. You wear low-rise briefs with low-shorts and low-rise jeans, and with gym clothes.

Mid-rise briefs sit at the waistline. They are designed to be worn with dress pants, board shorts, and regular-cut jeans,

High-rise briefs come up to right below the belly button. They can eliminate love handles and smooth the stomach. Wear high-rise briefs with high-waisted pants.

Popular features for briefs include fast-drying fabrics, waist-minimizing waistbands, and cuts that enhance the natural contours of a man’s body.

Briefs are usually available anywhere men’s clothing is sold. Explore the Briefs Collection here.

2. Boxer Briefs

best underwear for men in india

In 1992 designer Calvin Klein introduced a line of men’s underwear modeled by rapper Marky Mark that has come to be known as boxer briefs. This enduring popular best men’s underwear styles could be regarded as “briefs plus”. A classic boxer brief is a mid-rise brief that extends down so it covers about half of the thigh. Some underwear men’s brands of boxer briefs only cover about one-third of the thigh. They provide the same amount of support as briefs with complete coverage.

Boxer briefs are fine for everyday use. They are usually made of a comfy blend of fabric like cotton and spandex that works beneath athletic gear for moderate sports. They usually have a keyhole fly, but that’s not their defining feature. Like briefs, there are boxer briefs with moisture-wicking fabrics, odor guards, waist-minimizing waistbands, and “package enhancements” that bring out the contours of a man’s body.

Some men tend to drop the “boxer” when they are referring to “boxer briefs” so there is some confusion about the differences between the two styles. If the underwear extends over your leg, it’s boxer briefs, not briefs.

Boxer briefs are also usually available anywhere men’s clothing is sold. Explore the Boxer Briefs Collection here.

3. Trunks

men's underwaer

Trunks are an increasingly popular option in men’s underwear. They are a cross between a brief and a boxer brief that doesn’t have the heap of fabric you find in boxer briefs. They have a square-cut appearance and short legs. If you want to try something a little different, try trunks!

Trunks are not the same as boxer briefs. They are more of a square-cut brief, sometimes referred to just as a square-cut. A trunk is, depending on how you look at it, either a shorter boxer brief or a longer brief. Many men don’t realize that the style of underwear they wear is trunks. If the leg is short, but it’s not quite a brief, it’s probably a trunk.

Trunks have been around since 1999 when they were introduced by Calvin Klein. They have become a popular option in types of inner wear because they provide enough support and just enough coverage for casual wear. They allow a man to show off a little bit more of his sex appeal without feeling too exposed.

Trunks aren’t a good choice for playing sports, but they are a good choice when men want a balance between looks and comfort. They are not too short, not too long, and fully functional, with just enough coverage for the parts for which their wearers want to leave something to the imagination. Explore the Trunks Collection here.

4. Boxers

underwear for men

Boxer shorts are the best men’s underwear style that was once extremely popular, in the 1920s, that have made a comeback to the men’s fashion scene.

Boxer shorts were invented in 1925 by Jacob Golomb, the founder of the Everlast Clothing Company. Before 1925, boxers wore leather-belted trunks. Golomb invented boxer shorts with an elastic waistband to give the legs more freedom of movement, a critical feature when they were worn in the ring.

The popularity of boxer shorts soared in the 1920s until Jockey-style briefs came to the market. Since the 1920s, Jockey-style underwear and boxer shorts have been the leading contenders in the men’s underwear market, with men about the same age or in the same part of the country having a strong preference for one style or the other. Explore the Boxers Collection here.

Products and Customer Reviews

How important are customer reviews to potential customers? It turns out – very important. A statistic by McKinsey and Co found out that 90% of consumers read online reviews to explore different types of mens innerwear, and their purchase decisions are also dependent on the same. Also, for 88% of consumers online reviews matter as much as personal recommendations.

So, don’t ignore/sideline the importance of good and bad customer reviews. 

DaMENSCH is leading this race with more than 92% positive reviews about its underwear for men range. Read what are the customers saying about the best men’s underwear brand and its products:

“Product quality was never in doubt. I had an issue when I ordered from Amazon. Size i requested was a bit large and I needed a replacement but Amazon refused it. I reached out to Damensch with little hope but they were surprisingly very helpful. Abhishek managed the replacement without any questions and even helped me when the replacement was lost in delivery. Brilliant product and super supportive customer care. You have a customer for life :)”  

  • Aditya Jha

“The best feeling clothes ever – the best types of mens innerwear in India. Their undergarments are better than even Jockey. Add to it the appeal of being a completely in-home Indian men’s underwear brand. Must check them out.”

  • Soumitra Manwatkar

“I ordered the regular M size that I usually wear from Jockey. When I tried, it was a bit tight. Still was adjustable and I had no issues. But The team of Damensch is so nice, I got a mail, they followed up on call and insisted on sending the Large size. I really appreciate that. Kudos to Abhishek for the follow up and extremely satisfied customer service. Definitely going to recommend. Thanks again.”

  • Pravesh Behera

So, it looks like the brand does understand the importance of good customer service in addition to providing excellent products.

Which type of underwear is best for men?

Tell us if we’re wrong when we say we have been discounting the perfect fit of men’s underwear all life long, and just donning whatever was available. 

 There are some common mistakes people make while purchasing innerwear.

 But why should your choice of innerwear matter?

 The right innerwear, according to body type, is capable of making or breaking your whole day. Your inner comfort only translates to outer vagabondage, doesn’t it?

 And hence, it happens to be the bedrock of the outfit you intend to have on, and as such, it is worth giving high priority to.

 Types of innerwear — Briefs, Trunks, Boxer Briefs, Boxers – which one should you pick?

Check out the Mens Underwear Types in Detail!!!

In theory, these are mainly the four types of innerwear to choose from; each serves a different purpose to give you comfort. Let’s read how:

Briefs (Snuggle fit)

Perfect for: Thin, Fit & Muscular men

underwear for men

With tightness as their specialty, they come with an elastic band, and are perfect for when you need ample support down there. This is the type of underwear everybody knows. It’s the antithesis to boxers in every way.

Briefs are often called tighty-whities (though they don’t only come in white) as tightness is their specialty. They normally have an elastic waistband and roughly 5 inches of fabric that covers the upper thighs.

The downside? Briefs are size-discriminatory. If you’ve got a good body, a pair of briefs allows you to show off the whole thing except what’s supposed to be concealed. Even lean guys who have trouble gaining muscle can look good in briefs since they don’t accentuate their thinness.

But for bigger men or men with wide hips…briefs may bring more attention to your weight or hip size. They might be comfortable and movement-friendly, but the body can risk stretching them out over time. 

Boxer Briefs (Secure fit with ample breathability)

Perfect for: All body types

men's underwear styles

This men’s underwear style combines the close fit of men’s briefs (thanks to Lycra or a special fiber that’s added to the stretchable fabric) with the shape of men’s boxers.

You get the best of both worlds with men’s boxer briefs. There’s extra fabric that covers more of the thigh area. The genitals feel very comfortable and well-supported.

Nothing seems too tight, too loose or exposed overall. That’s why it’s the most versatile type of underwear in the bunch. When in doubt – be brave with boxer briefs.

Trunks (Slimmer cut than boxer briefs)

Perfect for: Thin, Fit, Muscular & Wide-Hipped men

Men's Underwear

With a tight waistband, they might be a good alternative for you if you find that the “hems” on boxer briefs are constantly riding up your thighs. Men’s trunks – boxer briefs with a shorter thigh coverage – are pretty similar to swimming trunks (the ones which aren’t the Speedo briefs style or beach shorts). They’re generally made with a smaller waistband and less fabric.

Trunks are one step above typical boxer briefs in terms of fit. Provided the quality is good, they don’t lose their elasticity for a long period of time.

But since trunks are smaller and fit closer to the body…they’re not going to complement bigger guys the way boxer briefs do. They still work for men with wide hips although boxer briefs are preferable.

Boxers (Looser, versatile innerwear shorts)

Perfect for: Big, fit and muscular men

men's underwear

Good old men’s boxers were inspired by the loose boxing shorts worn by professional boxers. And what are boxers known to be? Fit and athletic.

Boxing shorts were designed to give pro boxers enough comfort and freedom of movement during a fight. They weren’t baggy but slightly wider than the wearer’s thighs.

Let’s not forget that athletes have bigger thighs and legs than the average person (since they do lots of training and running – even inside a boxing ring). So if we look at men’s boxers today, they’re great for any guy who doesn’t have a thin frame or “chicken” legs.

Boxers don’t have elasticized leg openings that are meant to stay close to the skin. That means they can make your lower body appear larger…but that’s not a concern for men who are fit or have muscles all over, and bigger men in general.

How should men’s underwear fit?

Having bought and worn many different styles of underwear, materials and brands, this is what experts have to say about how they should fit:

Waist: snug so they don’t slide down but not restrictive.  

Rear: Snug but sufficiently room so they don’t get pulled down in the rear.  I They should remain in place no matter what you’re doing.

Legs:  Boxer briefs extend part way down the upper thigh and should be snug all the way down.  You don’t want them pinching into your leg but you don’t want them flapping around either.

Choose the Best Underwear for Men in India

Bottom line (pun intended): Keep your underwear clean, dry, and fresh (and fun!). If your skin is healthy and you’ve kept your undies clean, then wearing them a second day is A-OK, so long as you’re not breaking a sweat.

During exercise, wicking fabric can be a big help, especially if you’re prone to infections down there. Look for underwear made from a synthetic-blend fabric that will pull moisture away from your body.

Why Choose Damensch the Best Men’s Underwear Brand?

DaMENSCH is constantly in pursuit of innovating men’s essential wear. In the pursuit of a world, where everyone’s potential is unlocked to do more, every single day. 

1. Micromodal Fabric

Step into the most comfortable underwear with DaMENSCH. Our line of DEO-SOFT Micro Modal underwear for men were made to be the only innerwear you’ll ever need. Truly comfortable Men’s underwear was a dream, and we would like to make it a reality for everyone. Suitable for all lifestyles and professions. Your old underwear looks upon the DEO-SOFT Micro Modal underwear with envy, but you won’t ever look back. That’s a DaMENSCH guarantee.

Expertly crafted with 93% Micro Modal fabric, and 7% spandex to ensure comfort, support, and longevity. Ideal for casual everyday usage, all-season wonder-wear. Made in India, for the World.

Everyone deserves to wear DaMENSCH underwear — the best underwear for men in India, and we’ve made sure to offer exceptional value for money with our line of Premium Men’s Innerwear. 

2. Deo-Soft Technology

Our Proprietary DEO-SOFT Fabric cancels all odour much faster than your friends cancelled those Goa plans in college. How? It has an inbuilt bacteriostatic function, in simple words, it doesn’t let bacteria grow, hence, odour free all day! Designed keeping in mind the dynamic you, the 4-way stretch fabric is body responsive. Since the fibres are thin and tightly knit, the fabric is also very strong and durable. We mean if you want to try doing splits, we’d support you all the way!

With innovations that go beyond designs, it’s on a mission to create premium essential wear for modern men who seek excellence in everything they do including their apparel. The men’s underwear brand chose to start with the most neglected category in a man’s wardrobe- the innerwear and has become the highest-rated underwear men’s brand across E-commerce platforms. Having launched into the mens loungewear category, DaMensch now plans to further expand its portfolio in near future. To know more about DaMENSCH, visit:

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