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Tips to Find Best Boxers for Men

Tips to Find Best Boxers for Men

Published on 30-MAR-22

Boxer briefs are a unique invention between boxers and briefs- for men who like the comfort of both. Boxer shorts have an extended fabric that covers your legs and gives the fit of shorts with the elasticity and support that comes from briefs. They are not only super comfortable but super stylish to the extent that they are on the top of mens underwear. You can easily and comfortably lounge in your home or when you vacay and want to stay stylishly comfortable boxer shorts come as the right pick each time! 

The best boxers for men are under the poor impression that they are ‘only your private affair, never wear them in public”. So, before you shuffle under the sheets for yet another night in the same old baggy pyjamas, take a look at what you should be wearing and how to wear boxers.

Ways to wear Boxer Shorts for Men

Men underwear is all too often overlooked as being something that isn’t important when in reality many people are well aware of the fact and truth that- your underwear actually says a lot about you. 

A gentleman needs to keep things classy in all areas of his wardrobe – that goes without saying – so why should your boxers be treated any differently? The main thing that you need to work out on is the type of boxer that you prefer to wear. 

Do you know nowadays boxers come with a different variety of prints? Check out some funny printed boxers on DaMENSCH. The variety and availability in the market have proven that there is a choice for everyone and anyone. The most worn are the pastel ones as they are in trend nowadays. Traditional patterns on the boxers include repeated geometric figures, plauds, and vertical stripes. 

Pair boxer shorts with an open button white shirt and a white cap for your pool party or on a visit to the beach. Put on mid-length boxer shorts with a shirt, sports shoes, and a pair of sunglasses to look cool and make a fashion statement. If you are looking for what to wear to the beach, then nothing is better than printed boxer shorts and shirts, as summer is all about colourful outfits.

Things to know While Buying Mens Boxer Shorts

At DaMENSCH, we know what your skin prefers while choosing the right boxer shorts or mens underwear. Yes, you can’t just buy anything, you must choose something that best suits your skin, supports your junk and keeps you free at the same time. So, for your convenience, here are a few guidelines that you must follow while buying mens boxer shorts, boxer briefs or any underwear.

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  • Superior breathability: Your lower body needs air to pass through or else it may build moisture and sweat. It may further give birth to bacterial infection. Hence, you must pick an innerwear that offers superior breathability
  • Dual pockets for everyday use: No one wants to keep their hands busy including men. Dual pockets on innerwear can keep your mind off from looking after your phone, wallet or car keys, etc. 
  • Better fit: If your inner boxer or boxer briefs aren’t a good fit, you shouldn’t buy them in the first place. Choose an option that has a better fit to support your junk and give a perfect shape
  • Fabric: Most of the inner wears are made from cotton as it is considered the best skin suitable fabric. Still you can search brands like DaMENSCH that offers 100% durable soft cotton
  • Elastic waistband for comfortable stretch: Bottom wears generally have a tight waistband which is uncomfortable. Pick shorts with elastic waistbands. They are comfortable yet allows you to stretch & flex in every direction

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Why choose DaMENSCH’s Breeeze Collection of Mens underwear?

The great collection of our design lab, boxers which are breezy, airy, unconstrained – basically ultralight – on the body and on the mood. Our team in the lab worked really hard and produced a fabric so light and comfortable- that feels like a feather.

Every piece of clothing has a story, they say. The Breeze boxer shorts collection doesn’t. It is simply made for your ulterior comfort, and that’s all. It lets you work from home with ease, but it also allows you to sneak out of the house in easy-breezy mode. Simply put, it is what the fluid transition from inside to outside feels like when you think about how to wear boxers.

Breeze Ultra Light Boxer Shorts

For indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. Made from ultra-soft cotton sourced from the Deccan Plateau of India, the Breeze collection is so delightfully light that we don’t even exaggerate when we say “as light as air”. Here’s your answer to how to wear boxer short. With two pockets, you get space to keep everything safe – from essentials to not-so-essential, you don’t have to choose. With no judgments, these pockets treat everything equally.

The fabric of these Breeze inner boxer that you won’t ever want to switch to any other option. Thank you Deccan Plateau of India, our hearts are full and boxers are light. We all know we hate the glossy hurts-me-in-the-eye finish in your clothes. These boxers are smooth and soft, and yet matte enough to have a character to the fabric. 

The elastic band around the waist is so smooth and easy that the marks on your waist won’t even exist, all thanks to the microfibre elastic move that lets you move and groove with no strings attached. The concealed button fly is there and yet hidden so there’s no visible change in shape as you walk, jump, sleep or stretch your legs around the couch making it super easy and comfy to wear and move in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we wear boxer shorts in a public place?

Boxer shorts, definitely. They are the same length as your regular shorts but with a more comfortable fabric. So yes, wear them inside, outside everywhere.

Difference between inner boxers and boxer shorts?

The length – boxer shorts are of the same length as your normal shorts, while inner boxers are a little shorter and therefore are better suited as innerwear. 

Are men’s boxers good sleepwear?

Yes, considering the lightweight fabric they come in, you can be breeezy all night long in their ultra-comfortable leisure.

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