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Sleep in Style! Different styles of Nightwear for men

Sleep in Style! Different styles of Nightwear for men

Published on 21-MAR-22

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping. It rejuvenates our minds, repairs our muscles and prepares us for a hard day’s work. The benefits of a good night’s sleep have been endlessly studied and verified over the years, and that’s exactly why we should make all the efforts necessary to ensure that this crucial activity is as comfortable (and stylish) as possible. 

Before anything else, you should invest in a good mattress. Once that’s out of the way, we come to the most important part of sleeping well, and the subject of this post — good nightwear for menLoungewear is a flexible term that could mean any form of comfortable clothing that you wear to bed. It changes depending on various factors like comfort, weather and personal preferences. But it’s certainly a necessity for good sleep. So why do we need nightwear, and what counts as good nightwear? Let’s explore.

The need to wear comfortable nightwear

A lot of people have a habit of not really giving their nightwear a priority. We all want to look comfortable yet stylish outside the bed then why skip the same when it comes to the most important time of the day- your sleep? The most comfortable clothing in the world has regal origins, and men’s nightwear is no exception. Comfortable nightwear for men has no limits than being a ‘dress code’ and should be treated that way. Sleep is important to keep you well rested and make sure your mental and physical health stays intact. Research shows that having a nighttime routine greatly improves the quality of sleep. This could be anything from a short walk to a cup of chamomile tea, or a warm shower before bed. Whatever it is, good nightwear signals your body that it is time to relax, and let go of the stress.

Now the question is, what type of sleepwear would actually work the best for you? Going to bed is a thing you do to destress so let’s avoid stressing you much on that and instead, suggest you some men’s nightwear that would actually help your body regain energy and have a good night’s sleep. 

Pyjamas and loungewear can never be skipped when it comes to comfort and comfort are all you need whilst you sleep. Loose-fitting clothes are highly recommended as you don’t feel suffocated and instead get to sleep peacefully. Cotton clothing is a must to ensure you feel light as you sleep. So in short, a good pair of men’s cotton pyjamas with a loose-fitting cotton t-shirt is here to keep you for the win of a good night’s sleep!

The other important benefit of using comfortable clothing or loungewear is temperature control. Cotton pyjamas for men can be really breezy and comfortable, while for the winters, warmer nightwear should be the go to option for a better night’s sleep. 

Once you have decided what night clothes work best for you, it’s sure to reflect on the quality of your sleep. Better sleep as mentioned before has many more benefits than one can really count. To keep you awake through the day and stay proactive, you’ve got to make sure a good night’s sleep has been achieved. Not to mention you will stay more energized during the day and have improved memory, cognition and ability to carry out tasks. In short, it’s a big step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

How to choose comfy nightwear for men?

Thankfully, the process of picking out nightwear isn’t awfully hard. You just have to keep a few functional considerations in mind and just follow your heart. 

1. Boxers for some, pyjamas for others — Which one do you feel more comfortable in?

The first thing to keep in mind is to think about how your mood is while you’re planning to sleep. If you’re a fan of a self-time nighttime routine with multiple calming activities and a warm bath, a good pair of cotton pyjamas is the right call for you. We don’t want to be the one making choices for you, but full-length pyjamas win the most opted choice in the men’s nightwear category.

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On the contrary, you might want to take a step back at keeping things long before sleeping and straightaway crash at your bed. If you want to keep things light, a pair of boxer shorts and a vest t-shirt (depending on the thermostat) can still make you feel comfortable, light and cool (just in the right amount)! 

2. Men’s pyjamas for winters

The second consideration is the season. Depending on the weather, you want to choose a material that maintains the right level of body temperature. In the winter, something like full-length pyjamas makes the right choice. The best men’s pyjama are made of material that will regulate your temperature while keeping you comfortable.

Wool and velvet beats the town when it comes to comfortable nightwear for men, and guess what? Not only can it be worn as nightwear, but also can be worn during the daytime! An excellent piece of garment knows how to pull off the best of its capabilities at any time of the day!

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3. Keep it light with boxers (summer edition)

It is the summer season and you surely do not want to drown yourself in pyjamas and feel hot and sweaty. That is when boxers come to the rescue and give you the perfect night’s sleep that you deserve. When it comes to nightwear for men, selecting the right kind gets difficult as seasons change. Luckily that can be avoided with the right kind of boxers. The breathability and flexibility of these generally mean you can get a lot of relief on sweaty summer days when even falling asleep becomes difficult. The best part about them is that they can be worn even for day looks and then in bed as you sleep. Pair these with vests, or men tank top because their designs offer the same kind of breathability in your upper body.

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Men’s nightwear DaMENSCH’s vests are a good option in this case because they’re made from Bamboo fibre instead of cotton, which means they’re extra soft and comfortable, and also have more micropores so that the moisture that is wicked away from your skin can evaporate quickly and keep you cool. The fabric is also thermoregulating, which means it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it an ideal topweat for the summer and a reliable piece of innerwear in the winter.

FAQs on men’s nightwear:

1. Why do men prefer to wear comfy pyjamas to bed?

There’s not a lot of data on this, but a survey of 1200 adults in the United Kingdom in 2018 showed that 40% of people wore pyjamas to bed, while 20% slept in their underwear. That’s almost half! All the more reason to get yourself a pair.

2. Why should I focus on wearing comfortable nightwear?

If men’s nightwear is not comfortable, it usually leads to poor quality of sleep. For example, if the fabric is not breathable, it might lead to excessive dehydration. If it’s too itchy or rough, it might lead to rashes. These factors contribute to poor quality of sleep, which in turn has a knock-on effect on general health.

3. What is good nightwear?

Good nightwear should be comfortable, breathable, durable and easy to wear. The aim is to have nightwear that is gentle on the skin and works to preserve a stable body temperature for the weather conditions that the wearer is experiencing.

4. What is the safest fabric for nightwear?

It depends on the preferences of the user. Some people prefer to use silk pyjamas because of their softness. We would recommend choosing long-strand cotton, or bamboo for their superior softness and breathability.