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Formal Freedom | Slay It In Office Casuals

Formal Freedom | Slay It In Office Casuals
Published on April 13, 2022

Life is full of rules – even, it seems, about how to dress well. Don’t do this… Never do that… Get out of there, it’s the woman’s section… Dig a little deeper though, and some of the supposedly unbreakable rules of dressing are not very smart at all. Or, at least, should long ago have been consigned to the textile off-cuts bin of history.

Why, for example, can’t one wear brown in town, as one outdated style rule has it? There’s no good reason – which is why the rule is fading away, leaving those who still judge a man by this dictum stuck in the past.

We’re not saying these rules, if followed, don’t afford a stable, somewhat sober, middle-of-the-road, anonymous form of dressing that would see you good – especially if you lack any imagination of your own. But relax. Let’s not forget that surely the golden rule above all golden rules is that, given complete freedom, dressing is about self-expression.

After all, some of the most stylish men in history are considered so precisely because they didn’t give a hoot about the rules: hiking boots with my suit? Check. Wearing my watch over my shirt cuff? Hell yeah. Wearing that button-down shirt collar unbuttoned? You’re on. Turning my shirt collar up? Okay, let’s talk about that one.

This is why every style rule needs a periodic reassessment. Does it still help, or merely restrict? You decide.

Back to office looks

Office looks

And precisely, this is why even office looks these days need a make-over. Define Work-Life Separation. Or Not.

Agreed that working from home had given you the liberty to snooze your alarm to exactly 5 minutes before your first meeting of the day starts, but dressing up comfortably in your at-home outfit and yet smartly can help you separate your professional life from your personal (and hopefully much more interesting) life.

Smart Casual 101

Constant All Degree Polos

Tucked your formals into one dark corner of your wardrobe and never looked back? We did too! Until we found a t-shirt that is as good for outside as it is for inside.

A look at the day hustle of the urban conscious man, and you’d know he is fast evolving in all – from online to offline – it’s a plug-and-play life. And it is here that he needs a constant, which stays in all degrees of his life, from when he’s ahead of the game to when he needs to take a step back, from when it’s scorching outside to when it’s time to snooze in. He needs an ALL-DEGREE POLO.

Formal Freedom

Hot or not, it deserves a shot
The thermoregulating fabric of this polo is cool (or hot), depending on where you are at. Forget weather predictions, let your tee do the talking with its self-temperature-customisations!

Man, it’s friendly
It’s the uber-friendly polo that hates wastage, but loves nature. And hence it is made from 100% recycled plastic waste and sustainably-sourced cotton. Talk about love-hate relationships.

Also Know how to style polo t-shirt.

One birthday to another…and more
If time was testing us while we were wearing this polo, we’d pass with flying colours! All thanks to its super durable fabric and dyes that just won’t budge and last 500 days and more.

Pique and choose
But you will only get the best – an added gold finish to the pique fabric. So rise and shine while you get ready for your next outing, or inning!

If you’re a laid-back toad that’s determined to keep things as casual and free as possible, this is your must-have!

Chino Shorts for Long Calls

Our next pick is a step above informality and a step below in effort. And it is exactly what you need because even on a business video call, who can really see you below the top 4 buttons of your shirt?

Shorts can have a bad reputation in the conference room. Freedom Chino Shorts don’t.
Good looking formal shorts made with 4-way stretch, you wear them like you’d wear jeans and trousers – anywhere and everywhere. Simply put, they are your work hard, play hard go-to, wear-on-repeat chino shorts.

Formal Freedom

Stretch, like it’s a reflex
Don’t think twice before making a move. The two most stretchable fabrics – nylon and spandex, get together to give a fabric that moves as you move. Did someone say best companion?

I need some space
You can store it all — wallet, keys, phones, glasses and you’d still have enough space left. 2 side pockets, and 2 at the back, you’ll never have to repeat the ever-so-dreaded “I need some space”.

Life goes on & on & on
And so do these chino shorts. With colours that almost refuse to fade and fabrics that hate to change, these shorts stay with you for 500 days and more. Don’t take it lightly, take our word for it.

Formal is the new normal
Why wouldn’t it be? With we all adapting to different new normals everyday, a belt loop and a front zipper fly is all you need for a formal style meant for more informal moments, from meetings to golfing.

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