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Men, Up Your Casual Style Game!

Men, Up Your Casual Style Game!
Published on June 30, 2022

Casual dressing for men is perhaps their best chance to express a true sense of personal style. While it is not always necessary to look best when out, doing the bare minimum and yet defining your style statement is always recommended.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”– most of us would agree with this saying. Clothes truly indicate your personality and define who you are. Fashion is all about taking chances and creating a distinct statement for yourself. But many a time, we go off-track in reflecting our personality through clothes. In some other instances, we may have hit the nail and dressed according to the occasion but are not at our comfortable best.

Whether you like to go for a rugged look, upscale or bare minimum, men’s casual wear comes with a plethora of styling options and comfort quotient at its best. Comfortable clothing if done right makes you stand apart in a crowd.

It is not always about focusing on formalities or being rigid in following a particular dress code, dressing with comfort is all about finding a perfect balance between individuality and style. For instance, choosing a cool fabric, especially in summers that suit your skin and pairing it with some cool accessories can help you define your own style statement without much effort.

Priyanka Sagar, Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH suggests ways to select comfortable yet stylish casual dressing for men.

Picking the Right Outfit

Always look for outfits that don’t stick to your body. It is very essential to focus on the fabric of the outfit you choose because if it directly sticks to your skin, it is bound to make you uncomfortable with sweat. It is also crucial to choose the right colours according to different periods of the day. While dark colours are a perfect fit for late evenings, always choose fresh cool colours and pastels during the daytime. Dark colours in the sun absorb more heat which leads to sweat. Casual shirts with a combination of cotton and linen are the best casual dressing for men that not only will make you look stylish but are also super comfortable for daily wearing.

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Go for Loose Trousers

Thick denim with a slim fit sometimes leads to uncomfortable accidents, especially in summers. Instead, you can go for loose-fit jeans or trousers with linen or a cotton shirt to complete the look. While the trousers can be of any fabric, make sure to go for a loose fit. For instance, Slim-fit pair of chinos in cool pastels is an ideal option to complete your Friday informal look and its one of the best casual dress for men.

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Pairing your Outfit with an Ideal Footwear

Many a time we end up ignoring the footwear and choose to wear any pair of loafers, shoes, or sandals to complete our look. But wearing closed shoes, especially in summers can ruin your comfy stylish look. Therefore, it is recommended to go with easy-to-wear slip-ons, comfortable loafers, or classy sandals that can be worn in any weather except monsoon. Also, make sure whichever pair of footwear you pick goes with the overall casual look that you want to reflect.

Complete your Look with Some Cool Accessories

Since the casual dressing for men is mostly about going bare minimum, rounding off your look in style with some cool accessories is an ideal option. For instance, getting the right pair of sunglasses that is comfortable for your eyes and goes with your overall look is always recommended. Aviators in cool shades are ideal and go well with any kind of casual look. Other than sunglasses, you can also go for a lapel pin, handkerchief, and bows to add a distinct element to your style quotient.

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