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Why Are Vests An Investment Worth Making?

Why Are Vests An Investment Worth Making?
Published on April 25, 2022

Imagine entering a room full of people at a party with sweat marks on your shirt! embarrassing right? You’d be left with nothing but a sheepish grin on your face, seeking an escape from the people around you. And for this simple reason, vests come in handy, something that we’ve not considered using as much. The “vest” has been around for centuries and people have been using vests inside their clothes to provide that extra layer of fabric on their skin to beat the heat in summers or to hide their belly fat. It was primarily designed to protect the body from scratchy materials or the inner stitching of the outer garment. Later on, it was used by the workers and soldiers so that they wouldn’t get their torso to wear messy as they used to do heavy physical work in hot and humid conditions, which caused them to sweat and dirt, but working in those conditions, wearing a vest saved them from getting their shirts or tees messed up. Vests, which are typically made of soft and skin-friendly materials, aid in sweat absorption and drying while working.

Now that was history.

Let’s head straight to the question: “Why should every man wear an inner vest?”

  • Sweat absorption: Simply put, the most important reason for wearing a vest is to absorb sweat. From a health point of view, a body drenched in sweat for a longer period invites various unhealthy bacteria that can be a threat to the skin, leading to heat rashes and fungal infections. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and these infections can spread all over the body in no time, which can be fatal. Be it briefs or vests, undergarments are made for the sweaty areas, so if you’ve been wearing briefs ever since childhood, then why bunk on vests?! Plus, nowadays, people are quite conscious about their physical mien. And as said before, no one wants to enter a party with sweat on their shirt. Wearing a vest can be quite effective for protecting the expensive outer clothing of a person from getting stained.
  • Makes your body look better: Cotton Vests can make your body look better by hiding your love handles, sagging chest, beer bellies, or even protecting your chest hair from poking out of your outerwear, especially shirts. Probably not very much, but to a decent extent, it will give you a uniform outer appearance by hiding those unwanted curves and giving a clean look.
  • Insulation: At times when the temperature falls, vests act as an insulating layer between the outerwear and the body, keeping the inner warmth of the body intact on your skin.
  • Reducing outerwear transparency: sometimes when men wear thin fabrics like silk shirts etc. The vests help in reducing that unneeded translucence of that cloth. It also helps in covering your poking nipples.
  • Extra comfort: wearing a vest protects you from the itchiness and skin irritations caused by outerwear fabric type, laces, linings, inner stitching, seams, buttons, etc.
  • As a garment of style: In recent days, coloured vests have become a fashionable garment as there is now a wide range of styles and coloured vests available on the market. People have started wearing them to show off their great bodies while working out, or while doing other athletics. In short, vests have been a necessity for years and now have become a garment of style too. 

No brainer. We understand why vests should be worn. Vests have been around for a long time, but the features don’t attract millennials as much as the style does. Millennials are not fashion criminals; they love to walk in style and, hence, their inclination towards trendy yet comfy vests is obvious.

Off lately, people have been looking for quirky prints, breathable materials, and organic and sustainable fabrics.

They say, “What’s inside you is what you are,” and coloured vests prove it correct in absolute terms. 

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The very first impression is all you’ve got when you meet someone. When it comes to millennials, coloured vests are more of a fashion statement than a necessity. In a way, vests add to your confidence while ensuring you walk in comfort and get your style right. Every man has his own reason for choosing to wear a vest, but once he gets his hands on one, there’s no looking back. Vests are addictive. You can’t go without wearing one. The premium feel of wearing a vest is conventional as well as voguish.

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