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Men’s Style Guide: Tees Edition

Men’s Style Guide: Tees Edition
Published on November 24, 2021

A good T-shirt in a man’s wardrobe is as essential a cliché as a good LBD in a woman’s. If women dream of flaunting their best style in that perfect little dress, it’s scarcely an exaggeration to say that many a men have fantasised about the ultimate T-shirt that feels like home yet makes them appear like he’s out to rule the world!

The devil is in the details when it comes to finding “the one.” Allow us to assist you in identifying an excellent Tee when you see one.

Taking The Best Pick

A few things you need to remember before you click that checkout button!

Does it feel like an uncomfortable hug?

True, human hugs are beautiful, but if you answered that with a ‘yes’ for your t-shirt, you may not be on the right track.

It’s myth-busting time, y’all! 

*Drum Rolls please*

Contrary to what the dude in the gym says, a body-hugging, snug-fit T-shirt is not necessarily a good choice. While it all boils down to personal choices, undeniably a lot also depends on the shape of you and the shape of the T-shirt and if they don’t compliment each other – it just doesn’t work.

Whether you’re going on vacation with the boys or going downtown, a casual t-shirt is  your  best bet. The beauty of casual t-shirts lies in their comfortable, relaxed, and breathable fit. Big, baggy t-shirts are always attractive. Nothing looks or looks better than being comfortable.

A comfortable you is a confident you!

Undoubtedly, the wave of oversize fashion is currently storming social media influencers. 

The next time you want to shop for a t-shirt online, we recommend looking for  a regular fit or a loose fit.

Word to the wise: Don’t ever deprive your wardrobe of a black and white T-shirt. Monochrome never goes out of style.

When is a slim fit right for you?

Save your slim fit for stylish men’s t-shirts like the Henley T-shirt, full sleeves t-shirts, and V-neck. This sublime everyday item is chic in style, which is primarily the result of a sleek cut. 

Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt is best, especially in the tropics, when short-sleeved and round-neck long-sleeved tees are always better than other long-sleeved tees. 

Choose colours wisely.

Choosing the right t-shirt can be a bit tricky with the online stores and the plethora of styles to choose from! If you’re the type of customer who cares more about colour than size and price, make sure you know which colour suits you best. 

Be ready to experiment until we find one that works for you. But it’s important to understand that some colours are a big NO and don’t go in the fashion. 

In addition to factors such as skin colour and season, there are other factors to consider when choosing a T-shirt

However, we don’t want you to play safely and stick to black, blue, and gray. Little pink never hurt anyone! 

Would you like to make a statement? Maybe next time you’ll get your mouth shut in Neon. 😉 

Fabric is just as important as fit.

Affordable synthetic fabrics are low but can give you a feel for your personal style. It can also cause allergic reactions and itching. Compared to natural fabrics such as cotton, synthetic fabrics are less breathable, breathable, and durable, absorb water and sweat, and are less comfortable. 


If the synthetic lasts for a shorter period of time, it will be uncomfortable, itchy, sticky, and smelly when worn for more than two hours.

For the Indian climate that’s mostly hot and humid, they might not be a good choice.

Cotton Tshirts promise a cool feel and cozy fit, they`re soft on the skin and don`t look flimsy. Definitely a wiser choice! 



Get Playful With Prints

Prints are all the new rage now. Art is everywhere – from graffiti to cute footwear to Christmas decors – it helps us express ourselves.

Printed Tshirts have become the new medium of speech. With so many slogan Tshirts and quirky prints to choose from, always pick one that best translates your thoughts and matches your style. 

Prints if worn just for the sake of wearing, won`t do your personal style justice and you`ll just tire out of the trend faster than you`d expect. 

Do you have anything to say? Let your t-shirt speak for you! 

This tip may seem intimidating at first, but trust us. These tips are 100% legal and swear by many famous stylists, fashion connoisseurs, influencers and bloggers, and even celebrity icons. 

Forms the basis of online and offline fashion shopping. 

Now that you know how to find the perfect jersey, let’s prepare the perfect match for your new playstyle. 

Six Ways to Style T-shirts

At first glance, a T-shirt may seem like the simplest piece of clothing, but is it really the case? If fancy is all you need is denim and a t-shirt, here are 6 ways to style a casual t-shirt. 

The secret to stylish style is accessories! 

Layer It Up

Layer It Up is an easy way to find casual clothes from 1 to 10. Whether you’re on a date with a friend or a girl, if you find it difficult to change frequently while on the go,  a simple black bomber jacket is for you. all the way! 

This is a jacket that will compliment your look without distraction rather than looking away from the coolness of an everyday t-shirt.

Wrap up, everyone!

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple scarf. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck and you can take it off!

Channeling a hot and sophisticated cult atmosphere when you feel like wearing a t-shirt again next time! Remember 

Do not overdo it. The beauty of this shape is its simplicity. The scarf is best worn with a V-neck t-shirt or a long-sleeved wool tee. Avoid henley necks, faux collars, and turtlenecks. Too much fabric around the neck is not very attractive and looks bad. 

Did you see what we recently did? Cool no! Quips separated. 

A wool shirt is certainly a closet must-have. In case you don’t have a wool shirt, you are passing up a ton! 

For a tough crude and easily cool look simply wear a wool shirt over your easygoing Tee. Try not to close up! 

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Shirt Down Under

A pattern accepted to be begun by the demure and luxurious of the Ivy Leagues, this result of the grounds life is a well-known look venerated by numerous people. 

All you really want is a light, fresh, cotton traditional white Shirt and a relaxed group neck Tee – printed or plain, your call! 

Ensure that your shirt is a couple of inches longer than your T-shirt, from the abdomen and arms. Wear your T-shirt over a newly pressed shirt, with the goal that the shirt’s neckline drops out of the T-shirt neckline and the T-shirt sits well over the shirt, keeping it an unblemished setup. 

A body-fitting T-shirt is suggested for this look. 

Time To Suit Up

Says not only Barney Stinson, we too!

Who knew, your end-of-the-week staple could make for a similarly decent glitz OOTN as well. All you really want is – an excellent, completely fitting, smooth White T-shirt and a suit in dull shading. 

The differentiating block tones and the completely fitting T-shirt and suit blend makes for a costly, neat look without the inconvenience that accompanies wearing a shirt. 

This is a serious well-known decision of outfit at high profile gatherings and VIP occasions. You can thoroughly duplicate it for a large portion of the cost, simply get the fit right. 

Find out the latest types of t shirts for men!!!

Get it inside your pants

We consider this one a T-shirt Tucker Look – this is in a real sense what it seems like. Albeit not a famous decision of dress to be gotten into your pants, you need to trust us on this one. Nothing looks better compared to a decent T-shirt got into a wide-legged pant. 

Nonetheless, you should be some extra cautious while arranging this one – your T-shirt must be a little over the nature of a standard easygoing T-shirt, for you may not get the ideal stylish completion that we are attempting to accomplish in any case. Full sleeve and half sleeve T-shirts, particularly turtlenecks turn out great for this. 

An ideal equilibrium of easygoing and formal – this look is made for men in a hurry, who can scarcely set aside the opportunity to change yet have many spots to be. 

This is only a hint of something larger, there are endless ways you can style your T-shirt. Albeit prominently accepted to be a piece that has a place in your end of the week closet, a T-shirt is one of the most adaptable garments you could imagine. With some time and exertion put resources into finding and exploring different avenues regarding methods of styling, you will before long be shaking your T-shirt like no other person you know. 

We trust this has been a decent perused for yourself and you took in some things. Presently you realize how to purchase the best T-shirt and how to style it as well however do you realize where to look? There are many locales to be internet shopping in India at the present time however we trust you to pick hands down awesome. 

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