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Finding The Right Pair Of Shorts

Finding The Right Pair Of Shorts
Published on April 27, 2022

With temperatures soaring across the country, it’s time we took stock of our choices in casual wear. It’s time we admitted the truth — trousers, and jeans are not just not adequate anymore. Trending pants for men are a tempting purchase, but unless you want to feel like your thighs are in a sauna, shorts are the right way to go in the summer. Whether you’re going to a birthday party or popping out of the house for a quick trip to the grocery store, shorts, due to their versatility in utility, design, and fabric are the perfect casual wear for the summer. In this piece, we will look closer at how to pick out the right pair of shorts based on your needs and tastes, but before that, some context. 

Shorts – the King of Casuals

Shorts have a long history in the garment space, but men didn’t wear shorts casually till fairly recently. Till as recently as the early years of the 20th century, shorts were worn only by schoolboys as part of their uniform. Men wore trousers, trending mens pants, and other ankle-length garments. This started changing in university campuses in the 50s and 60s when students started using shorts as casual wear. Although some universities tried to nip this practice in the bud by banning shorts, a revolution in casuals was already gathering steam. 

pair of shorts

By the 80s, shorts were quite popular. Trending pants for men and trousers were still everyone’s favourite bottoms, but innovations in fashion and textiles had brought many different types of shorts to the market, including exercise shorts, thigh highs, cargo shorts, and sweatshorts. Shorts had taken over the men’s casual scene and there was no turning back. 

The Different Types of Shorts

At DaMENSCH, we offer four different types of shorts as part of our catalog — sweatshorts, boxer shorts, 500-day shorts, and chino shorts. All four of these have different utilities and provide a stylish option whether you’re spending time indoors or outdoors. Sweatshorts are made from superior French Terry cotton blend with a stretchable waist, making it ideal for indoor lounging. The same applies to our boxer shorts, which are made from 100% sustainably sourced Deccan cotton. The key difference between them is that the sweatshorts have superior moisture wicking capability, making them ideal for an evening workout in even the most humid conditions. Breeeze boxers, on the other hand, come in a wide variety of quirky prints that suit the personality of the buyer and are ideal to wear at home on a sleepy weekend. Both are just stylish enough to wear on a quick trip out — they’re more than just plain indoor shorts!

types of shorts

500 day shorts and Chino shorts fall into a slightly different category. Both these shorts are designed to wear outside. The 500 day shorts are made from the world’s finest Supima cotton, making them resistant to multiple wash cycles. That means you can say goodbye to frayed edges and little bits that stick out! Supima cotton, which is grown in the US, has an average fibre length of 1.5 inches, compared to 1 inch in regular cotton fibres. Longer fibres mean stronger knitted fabrics, which are resistant to wear and tear. That’s exactly the reason DaMENSCH offers a 500 day warranty when you buy these shorts. They’re tested to last at least 500 days.    

The Freedom 4-Way Stretch Chino Shorts are built to maximize another in-demand feature — stretchability. Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, these shorts have excellent stretchability, making them ideal for moving around in. With pockets and a formal belt loop to boot, these shorts can be styled along with shirts. This is something you can wear to a classy party without thinking twice about it.  So if you want to ditch trending pants for men in favour of the comfort of shorts, these are definitely a good choice. 

Picking Out the Right Shorts for You

So how do you go about picking out the right shorts for you? This is a complicated question to answer on the best of days. The short answer is that you can never have enough pairs of shorts, so you should be sufficiently stocked with shorts for every occasion. The pros of owning something in the loungewear space, like sweatshorts  or boxer shorts, is that they’re perfect to relax, work out and spend time at home. However, it’s not the type of clothes you can quickly throw on when you’re going out.  The cons are that you’ll need to wash them pretty regularly, and they might not be the longest-lasting pairs of shorts you will own. 

types of shorts

Moving to the formal space, Chino shorts and 500 day shorts are an excellent choice when you want to serve up dashing good looks at a summer barbeque, or on any kind of occasion where you want to pair up shorts with a stylish top, like a shirt or a polo t-shirt. They can be a like-for-like replacement for trending mens pants, and they also have the added advantage of being very comfortable and long-lasting. It’s the kind of purchase you have to make once a year and then you’re sorted. The cons of these products are that it’s not the kind of clothes you want to wear at home when you’re lounging. It’s better to get something that’s lighter and airier for the purpose of chilling out. 

In conclusion, we would recommend purchasing boxer shorts once every six months or so, and sweatshorts at about the same frequency. You are more likely to use them regularly, and they will undergo regular wash cycles. It’s always a good idea to be very well stocked when it comes to loungewear. You’re not going to regret it! When it comes to the 500 day shorts and chino shorts, having three or four pairs of shorts in your locker should be more than enough. This means you don’t have to make this purchase more than once a year.

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