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Ethical Fashion-Sustainable Choices: Do Better Every Day

Ethical Fashion-Sustainable Choices: Do Better Every Day

Published on 21-JAN-22


No one’s talking about textile industry communities.


We decided to act.


Clothing became Better. 

If you are on the road to a sustainable lifestyle, you’ll want to surround yourself with conscious and ethical choices. Adapting to sustainable fashion is easier when you surround yourself with brands that acknowledge sustainability and ethical fashion.

The fashion industry isn’t exactly famous for its ethical fashion sense or positive effect on the environment. Quite the opposite in fact. As much as we’re all for dressing well, it’s important to understand that the textile industry is responsible for a staggering 10% of global carbon emissions. And as we continue to buy more, that number is only going one way.

One small step we can all take to reduce our footprint is to be a bit savvier about what we buy and where we buy it – shopping with brands that have a demonstrable commitment to lessening their impact on the environment, either through their manufacturing process, build quality and repairability, recycling, or a combination of all of the above.


Can we do better? It’s the question that’s hounded the fashion industry for decades now. Today, fashion has become conscious. Being the second biggest carbon polluting industry, it’s had an awakening of sorts as consumers became smarter and more conscious about the choices they made, regarding the clothes they wear. 

Hey, we are all basic beings. But does that mean we don’t deserve better? This t shirt crew neck collection is an evolution of something super basic – plain t-shirts. What makes it Better? Using materials which are 100% ethically sourced, we cut out third-party retailers and work to create an ethical and customer oriented experience without compromising on quality or cost. Simply put, Better Basics t shirt types not only make you feel better about the way you look and feel, but also about the uncompromised fashion you are donning. The name can’t have a clearer justification. Available in both half and full sleeves, you can adapt your style according to the weather around you.

Sustainable Choices, Better Cotton 

The Better Basics Collection by DaMENSCH features essential outerwear in an ethical wear space that’s more durable and made with sustainable cotton. Made of superior cotton blend, all products in Better Basics feature 100% sustainably sourced cotton that’s better both for mother earth and the communities that grow cotton. 

Mother earth has nurtured us for long. Isn’t it time we returned the favour? 

Using cotton which is 100% sustainably-sourced, we cut out third-party retailers and work to create an ethical experience for you, without compromising on quality or cost. 

When you choose conscious fashion, you choose better production methods, recycling, livelihoods for cotton growing communities and hold on to longer lasting fashion.

Simply put, they not only make you feel better about the way you look and feel, but also about the choice you made.

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