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Autumn of More - Styling Guide for Work from Home

Autumn of More - Styling Guide for Work from Home
Published on October 20, 2021

WFH is the new normal, which means all of us working from home need a better home-office experience, whether it’s for a day of back-to-back meetings, or another day of debugging a long-long program.

However, getting the work done from your favourite bean bag isn’t much of an excuse to loaf about in your at home outfit – a singlet, tracks, and a rugged old boxer-vest combo.

Hello, you’re still on the clock and judgemental clients are sure to judge you in old work from home outfit, not presentable more so ever.

Here’s how to dress well for business. At home.

The Art Of Dressing Well Without Dressing Up

Gone are the days when companies expected employees to turn up in formal shirts and ties all days of the week, while harping on rare “Casual Fridays” like a trophy!

A 2012 study discovered a positive relationship between clothing choice and cognition. Wearing garments of comfort enhanced one’s cognitive performance in several areas.

We might need more data to suggest that this applies to your work wardrobe, but it shows that clothing can impact the functions of the brain.

Cozy clothes also had a hormonal impact; the happily dressed chaps demonstrated higher testosterone levels.

Sure, a single study does not mean scientific consensus. But it does offer important hints that dressing comfortably can benefit you, and as a result, we think it’s something you should keep in mind when you work from the comfort of your own home.

Remember, You Are Still On The Clock!

Sadly, working from home doesn’t mean that you remain unseen. Colleagues might have concerns that can’t be resolved over the phone, lunch meetings might still happen, or God forbid if you are an HR, and your job requires you to interview candidates.

And let’s not even forget video conferencing that has become as essential a component of modern business as getting your vaccination done!

Even if your workstation is a set of cushions, you’ll be on Zoom sooner rather than later. Your boss will still ask you for updates twice a day, and those snore-fest meetings will simply have moved from a physical check-in to you formally laughing over a video call.

Imagine doing business forecasts in a barely tied tie, or an unironed shirt that you just pulled out from The Chair in the other corner of your room.

And now imagine being that guy!

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Define Work-Life Separation. Or Not.

Agreed that working from home has given you the liberty to snooze your alarm to exactly 5 minutes before your first meeting of the day starts, but dressing up comfortably in your at home outfit and yet smartly can help you separate your professional life from your personal (and hopefully much more interesting) life.

Smart Casual 101

Work from home outfits

Tucked your formals into one dark corner of your wardrobe and never looked back? We did too! Until we found a t-shirt that is as good for outside as it is for inside.

It’s ideal even if you have client-facing responsibilities and don’t want to compromise between style and comfort.

This is based on quality, tailored basics, and most importantly ease of wearing it all day long. The 500 Day T-shirt by DaMENSCH fulfills all these requirements — it’s 2x softer since it is made from the world’s finest cotton, and it’s literally ‘Constant’ as it stays as is, wear on wear – perfect work from home clothes, y’all!

If you’re a laid-back toad that’s determined to keep things as casual and free as possible, this is your must-have!

Shorts for Long Calls

At home Outfit

Our next pick is a step above informality and a step below in effort. And it is exactly what you need because even on a business video call, who can really see you below the top 4 buttons of your shirt?

So you need a wearable where a change of clothes isn’t mandatory, should you be required to leave your home desk or jump on a video conference call.

Best of all, it’s conveniently transitional from slacking off at your desk, to slacking off at the bar at the end of the week. With WFH seeming to be the new constant, the 500 Day Shorts by DaMENSCH is one such at home outfit that comes in colours that stay longer than your yearly calendar. Even after 500 days, these sustainably-sourced long-lasting dyes are going to stay Constant.

Breeeze Even When You Can’t Get Up From Chair

Comfy at Home Outfits



If you’re cranking the electricity bill to keep cool, bench the heavier boxers cotton shirts for boxers that make everything breezy.

These pairs of Breeeze boxer shorts and inner boxers are just the impeccable comfy at home outfits you need when you have to log long hours in the breezy autumn.

Because you’re at home and things are a little more relaxed, incorporating a few concessions to otherwise formal life are surely a boon!

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