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5 Cool Ways to Style your Vests this Summer!

5 Cool Ways to Style your Vests this Summer!
Published on July 21, 2022

Putting together a summer outfit for a man can become a bit boring. The go-to ‘man’s suit’ for a hot-sunny day usually consists of cargo or plain shorts, and every day T-shirts. In recent times, however, men’s vests have made a comeback, mainly because it is synonymous with all-day comfort. Vests are constructed to improve moisture absorption and ventilation, allowing you to keep cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter. Just to get one thing out of the way, when we say “vest” most people automatically associate it as innerwear or undershirts. Throughout the evolution of men’s fashion, the approach of vests has changed drastically. A vest can be styled in different ways for multiple occasions. This summer learn how to make a vest suitable and attractive as innerwear as well as loungewear.

Pair it with plain or printed T-shirts

Traditionally, vests were worn under the shirts to protect them from sweat and deodorant stains. You can strike the perfect balance of age-old tradition and new-age style if you accessorise your regular fitted vests and pair them with a slightly loose plain or flannel shirt. Leave all the buttons open, of course! The layering combination is a great pick for casual meetups with friends and family. Most vests will be produced in plain white, smooth cotton with no discernible texture. We recommend affordably and expertly crafted colourful neo-skin bamboo vests made with 93% bamboo rayon and 7% spandex to ensure comfort, support, and longevity.

Pair it with linen shorts and slippers

To give your vintage vest a stylish vibe, pair it with a pair of linen shorts for a casual day out. Throw in a funky pair of slippers and sunglasses to the mix and you are good to go for that quick shopping trip to the mall. Grab a few cold beverages on our way out and call it a day—with style.

Perfect for gym and workouts

Aside from the fashion aspect, vests are a popular fabric in the fitness domain. An excellent pick for working out at the gym, bicycle, hiking, jogging, and other athletic activities. Because it is sleeveless, it allows for unfettered arm movement, making it an easy choice for sportswear. Vests are available as individual garments as well bundles. This way you can always buy a rotating bundle to use throughout the week or month.

Pair with distressed jeans and sneakers

Distressed jeans and a pair of white sneakers might be a classic in many men’s wardrobes. Now, you may wonder whether you should wear a T-shirt with the mix. But that’s the old you. The new you would want to show off all your hard work and the tireless hours at the gym by wearing a stylish vest. This ensemble offers a timeless aesthetic with an unexpected twist.

Take your style a step further, and forget white! Vests are now available in different styles, materials, and colours. Explore your options and make a lasting impression. 

Pair it with a blazer, denim, and shoes

A perfect solution and something a little edgier to highlight your masculinity for a night out, pair your vest with your favourite pair of denim, a blazer, and add a fresh pair of shoes to mix. Wearing a vest is a good way to add maturity to your look. You can add more ruggedness to your look with a good-quality sports jacket as well.

So, if you’re attempting to attract a woman’s eye, having the proper cotton vest on this summer will help you look more sophisticated and approachable.

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