It has always been about the firsts.
First impression, first job, first love.

As we keep reinventing ourselves, we tend to keep the firsts on a pedestal and dust them from time to time only to forget that we undeniably outlasted them. What we didn’t realise in the process was that our underwear, too, had become a victim to this culture long before – we didn’t want to change it; we didn’t want to experiment when it came to the fundamentals and hence it ended up being a lifelong absolute.

Damensch is an idea born as an alternative to this dull, ordinary space called one’s comfort zone. We wanted to change this space, and we wanted to start right from the basics. In a moment of sheer excitement and general goodwill (yeah, we do believe in that), we decided to take the next big leap and spin some threads around.

After a 24 months long research – here we are, launching with a range of comfort-cut, technologically sharp and inarguably the most premium underwear for every man who is ready (and eager) to take the leap with us.