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Men’s fashion today

Men’s fashion is constantly changing by the hour. With so many new trends, it’s hard to keep up with extreme styles. Men’s collections of clothes can be a bit tricky if not styled right. Today, most men heavily rely on dressing in ‘Smart casuals’, a form of dressing where the wearer pairs a comfortable staple with a smart wear. 

It might sound confusing but it's true. Most men now prefer combining their casual style with formal wear for a chic, sophisticated, elevated comfort look. It doesn't necessarily have to be too complicated, think of it as a blank canvas, you can choose any colours and style according to your destination/occasion. Or you can keep it simple by mixing the best of both worlds, leisurewear and formal menswear.

Men’s Fashion Collection in Style today

Men’s fashion collection has evolved over the years. Casual dressing for men is perhaps their best chance to express a true sense of personal style. There are so many products that are high in demand today. Casualwear for men is also the window to peak confidence. And what looks better on a man than a man with confidence? Check out some of these amazing adaptable and comfortable staples for men are new arrivals by DaMENSCH that is in style and high in demand:

Mens Outerwear:

  1. Popcorn T-Shirts- Get the crowd talking everywhere you go with this regal-looking tee. An alternative staple to your regular t-shirt, these will bring you to the future of style and comfort. Consisting of a premium popcorn t shirt and a unique herringbone neck design, these are sure to make you the life of the party.
  2. Fluid T-Shirt- Need we say more? Featuring a body adaptive stretch fabric along with raw, edgy hems, giving you the perfect body fit to show off those muscles. These slim fit tshirt also created to feature long-lasting colours created by High IQ, a program that enables better colour retention and reduced carbon footprint. 
  3. The 500-Day T-Shirt- Rise and shine in these solid tee made with the finest cotton giving you 2x softer cotton fabric that has long-lasting colours. It’s built to withstand multiple washes and has a warranty of up to 500 days, making it one of the most wanted tees of all time.
  4. Statement Printed Crew Neck Tees- It doesn’t matter what your age or size is, we are here to ensure you’re having the best time and that’s why we created the Printed T-shirt. While they come in exciting prints, they feature an interlock knit cotton design and prevent abrasion. They are long-lasting and feel super smooth.
  5. The 500-Day Polo- Made from sustainably-sourced fabric is long-lasting and ideal for lounging, formal menswear, etc. These true to size have a Coolmax fibre that is extremely breathable and super moisture absorbent, keeping you sweat-free. Say bye to shrinkage and hello to our polo tshirt.
  6. The 500-Day Casual Shorts- You can’t get more comfortable than this! A must-have for every casualwear lover, these shorts are designed to move with you, be it at the gym, dance party, work, etc. It’s an anywhere, everywhere casualwear fashion staple to take with you without any regrets.
  7. The 500-Day Chino Shorts- Shorts with a 500-day warranty? Yes, you heard it right. Casualwear for men can be both affordable and long-lasting.  With 2 types of chinos: a yarn dyed with 2-way stretch and a technical fabric with four-way stretch, these include hidden utility pockets, and are made for men that like to switch it up. Go formal, then informal, and formal again.
  8. The Stretch Woven Cotton Pyjamas- Turning heads while you turn your Pyjama into casualwear. Featuring a cotton poplin fabric and elasticated waistband, giving you the ultimate comfort hug. Throw your old Pjs and switch to these 2-way stretch that allows you to move freely, even if you’re a sleepwalker.
  9. The 500-Day Ottoman Jogger- One of the best ways to don a casual men’s outfit is to own a jogger. An essential to every man’s wardrobe, these are lightweight and stylish giving you an effortless casual look. With its stylish texture and smart bottom hems, its versatile factor gives you room to perform indoors and outdoors.

Mens Innerwear:

  1. Deo-Soft Briefs- With the world’s finest cotton, this brief is simply the best with anti-odour and sweat-wicking functions. Additionally, a four-way stretch to ensure protection in the direction your little man is headed towards.
  2. Deo-Soft Trunks- With an inner mesh gusset panel that doesn't stick to the body, these soft trunk for men align with your every move. Made from Supima and Modal, your trunks get extra sturdy and extra soft.
  3. Deo-Soft Boxer Briefs- With a longer seam of 6.5 inches, these boxer brief are enhanced with a grip design that helps the boxers stay in place throughout the day. It also features an inner mesh gusset that leaves no mess, and no stress.
  4. Breeeze Ultra-Light Boxer shorts- As light as a feather, boxer short made with superior cotton, keeps you cool and steady for the day. 
  5. Breeeze Ultra-Light Inner Boxers- Featuring a soft surface texture with a light matte finish, these boxers are lightweight and just the right length for a perfect day-in-day-out.
  6. Neo-Cotton Ribbed Vest- Unlike regular vests, these ribbed cotton vest add an extra layer of softness, creating a brand new experience each time you run your fingers through them. It is the perfect match for a layered or beach look.
  7. Neo-Skin Bamboo Vest- With a thermoregulating fabric, this men innerwear vest is bound to keep you cooler. The fabric makes it a perfect summer menswear and winter wear for men.

How to Look Good in Mens Collection?

  • Tip #1 - Formal menswear is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Pair a polo tee or a 500-day tee with chino or trousers to look chic. You can also pair this outfit with a blazer and a deo-soft innerwear for the most comfortable evening.
  • Tip #2 - Summer menswear can be super fun to work with. For a complete summer men’s look opt for vests, fluid tees, breeeze boxers, casual shorts, and more that you can mix and match all summer long. You can also choose from men’s innerwear at DaMENSCH that is moisture-wicking and prevent excessive sweat.
  • Tip #3 - Winter collections for men are all about layering. Don a polo tshirt with thermoregulating features and pair it with heavy jackets and joggers. You can also wear a neo-soft vest as an undershirt to keep you warm on those extra chilly days.
  • Tip #4 - Party wear men’s collection can be super easy and stylish as long as you own key staples in your wardrobe. You can opt for raw edge tshirt, crew neck tee, and printed tshirt, and can be paired with chinos, or joggers. For a complete party look, accessorize this party looks with white shoes and a structured jacket. Elevate your comfort by pairing them with deo-soft boxer briefs and neo-cool vest.
  • Tip #5 - If you’re tired of plain old clothes, check out the new arrivals and the all collection for men. Our team is always upgrading men’s clothing for a better, and more comfortable you.

Why choosing a brand is important?

Brands like DaMENSCH craft innovative designs keeping the consumers in mind. Over the years, casual men’s wear has had a vague evolution in India inspired by western standards. Although Casual clothes for men date back to the early 1900s in the western hemispheres, India quickly adapted to this staple leisurewear in the early 2000s.

DaMENSCH casual wear for men started to unlock new heights of comfort. With each piece of clothing crafted by experts to close the gap between traditional and modern, we are here to provide the best quality casualwear of all time.

At DaMENSCH, we are always on the hunt for the next best quality for men’s comfort. Some of our men’s casual wear features:

  • Quality- Made with the finest quality of cotton and sustainably sourced mixed blends, the DaMENSCH 500-Day collection can withstand the constant change of weather conditions and multiple washes. 
  • Affordable prices- DaMENSCH offers the best prices with high-quality fashion collection for men, keeping you stylish, and comfortable and saving you more money while online shopping.
  • Fit- The entire range of the 500-day collection is designed to fit any size and shape from XS to XXL. We believe in creating realistic sizes that fit men perfectly, without any complaints, stress, or hesitation.
  • Comfort- Comfort is not just a word but our motto is to keep creating mens collections that are beyond the feeling of comfort. 
  • Brand- Our brand is on the highway to crafting some of the best comfortable casualwear (500-day collection) that has a 500-day warranty of fade-proof. DaMENSCH is constantly working on creating stylish, affordable, and most comfortable clothes for men in the industry.

Why it is important to choose the right casualwear staples?

The 500-day collection not only does it have a rich collection of features but also lives up to its warranty. We believe casualwear should be affordable, qualitative with a good fit.

Learn why DaMENSCH, 500-day collection for men is the right fit for you:

  • Choose from multiple sizes in DaMENSCH from S TO XXL and live stress-free.
  • While most companies promise good quality, we ensure the world’s finest cotton, thermoregulating fabric, and High-Grade Dyes in the 500-day collection.
  • Our unique composition in the 500-day collection also offers moisture-wicking, fade-proof, and cooling throughout the day.
  • Our finest quality men’s 500-day collection also offers a 2-way and 4-way stretch fabric in chinos to allow movement in all directions.

If you’re unsure where to start, try our new menswear sale collection for starters. Our collection is an upgrade from regular casualwear and is suitable for any body type or occasion.


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