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Believe it or not, men’s boxers were not introduced until the 1920s. Until this period, men were mostly used to knee-length tight-fitted flannel drawers; these were the usual form of innerwear for men. Enter, Jacob Golomb 1925, founder of boxing equipment company, Everlast started to experiment with his designs for the pugilists. He realized that the leather-belted trunks professional fighters were wearing within the rings were not ideal and were uncomfortable. So he replaced the leather with more flexible elastic waistbands.

Since then, boxer menswear has seen a surge in this type of innerwear for men. It has also been proven that men who choose lightweight, soft boxers are more likely to be more relaxed and have fewer impotent issues in the future.

Stay relaxed in DaMENSCH’s boxers

For decades, men’s boxers have had several setbacks and no new improvements to overcome the issue of uneasiness. At DaMENSCH, we break all stereotypes and believe innerwear should be an important aspect of a comfortable and confident man.

DaMENSCH men’s boxers feature ultra-lightweight fabric with superior breathability, soft texture, and a great elastic band among other features. Men’s boxers that are created at DaMENSCH are carefully crafted and thought of. With cotton sourced directly from the Deccan Plateaus of India, our men’s boxers go beyond your expectations, be it lounging or running errands, our Ultra-Light Breeeze Boxers will serve you the utmost comfort on a platter.

What DaMENSCH offers:

Choose from the best boxers for men at DaMENSCH providing the finest premium innerwear for men.

Breeeze Ultra-Light inner Boxers-

Keeping it short, simple, and breezy, these ultra-light men boxer will keep you refreshed all day. Made with durable, soft cotton, and a microfibre elastic band, these lightweights are destined to give you the best experience, even on your tough days.

Breeze Ultra-Light Boxer Shorts-

You can never go wrong with these men boxer short. With superior breathability features unlike any other, you are bound to feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Featuring a soft surface texture with a light matte finish, these are lightweight and just the right length for a perfect day-in-day-out. Keep these versatile boxer shorts for everyday comfort. 

Men's Boxers Collection

Men’s boxers come in different styles and collections. While some feature unique features and finish, the best boxers for men rely on the fabric, comfort, and style. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of men's boxers:

  • The fabric says a lot - Men's boxers come in all kinds of fabric, cotton boxers, silk, and satin. Each of them has unique components that support a man’s privates. Although silk and satin boxers have superior features, they are expensive and hard to find. Whereas, cotton boxers for men are lightweight, breathable, durable, and most importantly affordable. DaMENSCH Cotton Boxers are even better because our cotton is sourced from the Deccan Plateau, adding a rich silky feel like silk and still holding the components of cotton
  • Most comfortable boxers for men - You can buy the best underwear in the industry and still miss out on great comfort. While many companies boast about comfort, not many deliver good ones. Your boxers should provide breathability, comfort, durability, microfibre inner band, and more. DaMENSCH’s Breeeze Ultra-Lightweight Boxers provide all that and more, creating a soothing environment that is magnified due to its lightweight, soft texture, made from premium cotton.
  • The style that matches your personality- Male boxers have come a long way over the past few decades, so you deserve to treat yourself with the right styled boxers that match your personality. You can have fun with what you wear on the inside and not just the outside. Breeze boxers for men come in four different styles to match your personality. With stylish patterns, versatile fabric, and lightweight features, the shape and fit remain intact allowing you to do more.

Finding the right style of boxers for you

Style is not always about what you can flaunt. At DaMensch, our style quotient heavily depends on comfort, size, and fit. Our craftsmanship and innovation are specifically designed to navigate comfort for everyday life.

Let’s take a look at some of the boxers menswear that is suitable to your lifestyle:

If you’re a more laid-back dude that likes to keep it breezy, choose from a wide range of men’s Breeeze Ultra-Light Inner Boxers. Featuring durable soft cotton and double-sided pockets, lets you slide into those DMs like a breeeze. Choose from White boxers, black boxers, or solid boxers and pair them with nothing for absolute comfort.

If you’re a spontaneous adventurer that likes to pack light, go for the Breeeze Ultra-Light Boxer Shorts, not only will these keep you light on your feet, but it also gives you room for movement and easy hand-free adjustments. For a great boxer outfit, pair these with a lightweight tee for an ecstatic adventure.

If you have a hybrid personality that loves the outdoors but also lounging from time to time, pick amongst the Breeeze collection for a smooth, refreshing day. These versatile boxers are created to slip into cloud 9 and travel with an ideal state of mind. You can pair these boxer menswear with chino, jogger, or tshirt or wear them solely and unlock happiness wherever you go.

Why shop online?

Online shopping has always been an easier and better option. With so much work and so little time, shopping for men’s innerwear online is probably the fastest way to comfort. 

  • Online shopping can provide multiple options for men's innerwear that you can browse through in the comfort of your house, unlike stores that carry limited options.
  • Innerwear online can give you a variety of fun printed innerwear and stylish innerwear rather than just the basics.
  • The payment method for online branded innerwear is one click away with cash on delivery and UPI options.
  • Branded innerwear for men provides quality that is equal to investment. They are long-lasting, sufficient, and have a warranty that lives up to their promise.
  • Men also need some pampering, that’s why DaMENSCH cares for its consumers and offers discounts like no other, so the men don't feel left out.
  • Gent’s underwear shouldn't have to break your bank accounts. That's why Branded innerwear at DaMENSCH is created with thoughtful quality and at an affordable price. 

For more, explore gent’s innerwear at DaMensch with free shipping and cash on delivery today.


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