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Style, Comfort & Quality - Why DaMENSCH Wins This Game?

Style, Comfort & Quality - Why DaMENSCH Wins This Game?

Published on 17-MAR-22

Men’s apparel is growing more rapidly than ever, and with expanding markets come expanding trends and styles. One particular stereotype about men is that they are often shabby, and do not care about the kind of clothes they wear. We often hear jokes about how men own five pairs of the same pants, or wear the same shirt on multiple occasions within the same week! While these jokes are all good fun, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Just like fashion, the very notion of masculinity is evolving and expanding beyond the restrictive notions it was caught in the past. Modern men are sensitive, in touch with their emotions and self aware. This means they are also more likely to pay attention the way they look. DaMENSCH apparel caters to this modern man. 

Essentially, fashion is all about combining intent with design, and every item in the DaMENSCH collection has a specific thought and intent behind it, that make it the perfect buy for customers, who have diverse, modern needs. Broadly speaking, this intent can be looked at three ways — style, comfort and quality. Let’s see how. 

Style — it’s hard to get it right, but we’ve got it!

Gone are the days when men used to show up to work dressed in crisp formals, tucked-in shirts, ties and leather shoes. Maybe the world has come to its senses, and realized that we spend over a third of our waking hours at work, and while we’re doing that, we might as well dress how we want. This change of mindset has led to a cascade of men’s apparel changes. This means button downs are out, polos are in. Trousers are not necessary, show up in jeans! Looking formal might have signified a hard worker, but now it’s all about working smart, not working hard, and working smart, means looking smart. 

Even outside of work, the old rule was that gentlemen could never wear shorts. But now, shorts are worn by all, especially in the summer. Even at home, comfort is king, and this means that men are graduating to a whole new set of loungewear and comfort clothes. 

The point we’re making is, DaMENSCH’s collection of men’s clothing is reflective of these changes and catered to suit the unique needs of the modern, comfortable man. Our statement collection offers a range of styles that are ideal for throwing on when you’re going out. Pair these with Chino shorts, which expertly straddle the line between formal and casualwear

When it comes to loungewear, DaMENSCH pyjamas are ideal for lounging during the winter. As for the heat waves and sweaty summers, our collection of tank tops and Breeeze boxers are sure to keep you cool, while looking stylish. 

To conclude — DaMENSCH men’s clothing has a cohesive look and feel that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, whether at home, or at work.

Comfort — what men really want

It always seems like the central debate in fashion has always been comfort vs style. For too long, we have been led to believe that to achieve perfection in one, we have to compromise on the other. But DaMENSCH apparel are evidence that this does not have to be true. 

Take the case of our Neo Skin vests. Usually, vests are made from cotton. A summer season essential, vests are actually a central element of what makes a man’s summer outfit truly comfortable by wicking moisture away from the skin and making sure it evaporates via the micropores on its surface, making it ideal for staying cool. DaMENSCH has gone a step further to make this experience even more comfortable, by constructing our vests from bamboo fibre, which is 2x softer than cotton, and contains more micropores, increasing its cooling action.

Our polos t-shirts, in addition to being sustainably made from recycled plastic, are thermoregulating, which means they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Even our cotton products, like the constant collection, are made from special grown supima cotton, which has extra long fibers to make it extra soft! 

DaMENSCH is a brand that innovates constantly to make our products more comfortable, which means you can be sure that every product you buy from us has seen many hours of planning and hard work over how it can be optimized to make it ultra comfortable.

Quality — you’ll never have to worry about it!

When it comes to quality, the real test of a brand’s commitment to the cause is their willingness to put their money where their mouth is. At DaMENSCH – Men’s Apparel, we believe very firmly in the quality of our products, and you only have to look at our Constant Collection as evidence for the same.  

The 500 Day T-shirt and shorts are made of the finest quality long fiber cotton and high quality dyes, making it resistant to the vagaries of weather, use, fading wear and tear. We’ve tested these products to ensure that they can withstand repeated washes and use, and we believe we’ve arrived at a solution that is 100% worth your time. So much so, that we offer a 500 Day warranty on it. Yup, we’re dead serious about it. 

Quality isn’t just about lasting long, it’s also about the goodness of the fit and the fabric. We source our products sustainably and our raw materials are of high quality, making them ideal for meeting the exact needs you’re buying them for. 

To conclude, DaMENSCH is a brand that is dead serious about style, quality and comfort. We don’t compromise on any of the above parameters to gain on the others, making our products true all-rounders. We pride ourselves in being the brand who provides effortless fashion to the comfortable man, and you can be sure that a lot of effort has gone into making our collection effortless for you.