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5 Ways To Create a Versatile and Hybrid Wardrobe

5 Ways To Create a Versatile and Hybrid Wardrobe

Published on 10-OCT-22

As climate reports bring massive changes to the retail industry, more consumers are opting for staples that are in-between and created to tackle the wavering weather. Mid-weight staples that are not too bulky, nor too light have made an ecstatic entrance into the fashion industry. More retailers are relying on blends of superior cotton, elastane, Supima modal, and more. DaMENSCH has also taken a step further by creating transitional pieces that maintain superior features for unpredictable weather.

The latest transitional pieces feature some of the following:

  • An interlock knit sturdy fabric, making it durable and versatile
  • Extra added softness and sheen
  • Ideal for 10-25° C
  • High-IQ® technology keeps it fade-proof and reduces its carbon footprint

1. All New Statement Hoodies

A classy statement hoodie for all purposes. Durable through time, this features an interlock knit sturdy fabric and an added sheen for a versatile outerwear look. Ideal for 10-25° C weather, these soft solids can be worn pre-winter season for a refreshing, cool look.

Style tips for hoodies:

Tip #1 – Pair your hoodie with a sleek pair of joggers for an elevated relaxed look. 

Tip #2 – Style your hoodie with a solid bomber jacket and joggers for extra warmth. This chic look can be worn on any occasion.

Tip #3 – Have fun with your hoodies and pair them with skinny trousers and a blazer for the party of the year.

2. All New Statement Sweatshirts

A transcendent sweatshirt made to create an enigmatic experience for all reasonable times. Giving you endless compliments, these were designed with High-IQ® technology sustaining colour retention properties and adding extra shine. Ideal for 10-25° C, these are intensely soft and classy.

Style tips for sweatshirts:

Tip #1 – Sweatshirts are easy staples that go with anything. Wear this when you want to unlock elevated comfort.

Tip #2 – Sweatshirts are best for layering. Wear these with your blazer and bomber jacket for a versatile party look.

Tip #3 – Besides being a transitional staple, carry these sweatshirts for loungewear. Their soft fabric is ideal for lounging.

3. All New Statement Joggers

Beat the end of the monsoon and pre-fall season with these mid-weight joggers. With protective and technical fabric that is mid-weight, these joggers have an extra sturdy texture and shine. Wear these fade-proof joggers between 10-25° C for a fun, classy, and casual look.

Style tips for joggers:

Tip #1 – Known to be man’s best friend, carry these in your travelling bag for a relaxing vacation.

Tip #2 – Co-ord with sweatshirts and hoodies for that ultimate classy look.

Tip #3 – Always look out for jogger that are mid-weight and are all-purpose wear. This will be easier to style for most occasions.

5 ways to reinvent your pre-winter wardrobe from our experts:

Tip #1 – Stay cool till EOD

Invest in sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers that are mid-weight. Mid-weight transitional pieces create a comfortable environment for the wearer, keeping them calm and relaxed throughout the day. Mid-weights are worn during pre-winter and post-winter seasons that can be tackled with ease.

Tip #2 – Technical fabric is a lifesaver

Technology can be more than your work assignment, it can be imprinted in fabric too. Investing in staples that have an interlock knit sturdy fabric and High-IQ® technology is highly recommended. Featuring such qualities, the staples will be more durable, versatile and fade-proof. 

Tip #3 – Layering means easy multitasking

If on days it’s more chilly than usual, opt for a hoodie or sweatshirt that will pair well with your blazer or coat. Not only will these add a dashing look, but they appear trendy and versatile. Colour coordinate or mix and match prints, they never fail to impress your co-workers.

Tip #4 – Catch business flights, not feelings

If you’re constantly catching business flights and airport chills are not friendly to your body, opt for a sleek pair of co-ord sets. Opt for staples that are Ideal for 10-25° C. These temperature-regulated staples will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the flight. Have a zoom meeting right after? Carry a slim-fit blazer in your carry-on and excel in that meeting.

Tip #5 – Double shift carefree

It’s Friday night, you’re dead beat but you have one last task to complete. Wear mid-weight staples that give an extra added softness, sheen, and maximum comfort.