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Must Try Mens Summer T shirts and Shorts Combo in 2024

Must Try Mens Summer T shirts and Shorts Combo in 2024

Published on 12-FEB-24

Must Try Mens Summer T shirts and Shorts Combo in 2024

It’s spring fellas! When nature brims with vibrant colours, the warmth of the sun, gentle breezes and refreshing atmosphere. It is also a sign that you need to refine your wardrobe with mens summer t-shirts and shorts. 

So, you can add vibrant hues and bold patterns to mirror the season's energy or opt for sustainable fabrics. Experiment with oversized silhouettes or round neck t-shirt for a contemporary vibe. You can also mix and match textures for a dynamic look. Accessorise with statement sunglasses, woven hats, or minimalist jewellery to add flair. Don't forget comfortable yet stylish footwear, such as canvas sneakers or espadrilles.

If this is too much for you, simply follow this guide on must-try mens summer t shirts and shorts combinations. 

Must Try T Shirts and Shorts Combo in 2024

Below are some of the must try t shirts and shorts combo that will surely turn eyes towards you:

Zipper Polo T-shirts and Casual Summer Shorts:

Choose neutral or pastel-coloured zipper polo t-shirts and pair them with classic casual summer shorts in complementary shades. Don’t let your feet feel left out; wear comfortable sneakers or loafers to go with it. 

Ideal for casual outings, beach trips, picnics, or a relaxed day out with friends.

Chino Shorts with Oversized T-shirts:

Tuck the oversized t-shirt slightly into the chino shorts for a laid-back look. You can add a belt for a polished touch. Opt for neutral colours for versatility. Great for a casual day out, running errands, or a weekend brunch.

Raw Edge Shorts with Summer T-shirts:

Pair the raw-edge shorts with a lightweight, breathable summer t-shirt. Add casual sneakers or flip-flops for a relaxed vibe. Consider accessorising with a cap or sunglasses. Perfect for a day at the beach, a casual barbecue, or a summer festival.

Waffle Summer Shorts with Polo Tee:

Wear waffle summer shorts with a well-fitted polo tee. You can add boat shoes or slip-on sneakers for a smart casual look. Consider a watch or bracelet for accessories. Suitable for a casual date, a summer party, or a daytime event with a slightly more polished dress code.

Popcorn Round Neck T-shirt and Chino Shorts:

Combine chino shorts with a popcorn-textured round neck t-shirt. Choose contrasting or complementary colours for a balanced look. Sneakers or casual loafers work well with this ensemble. Versatile enough for a day out with friends, a casual dinner, or even a low-key gathering.

Short Pants for Men and Fluid Tee:

Pair short pants with a comfortable fluid tee for an easygoing and comfortable look. Consider slip-on shoes or espadrilles for footwear. Minimalistic accessories like a watch or bracelet can add a touch of style. Suitable for a relaxed day at home, a casual movie night, or a low-key gathering with friends.

Apart from these t shirt and short combinations, you can also try boxer shorts and a vest under a zipper for beach wear or for casual lounging. DaMENSCH Boxer shorts are made with premium quality lightweight fabric that offers superior breathability. You can check the size chart for summer shorts and pick the right size for yourself. 


Whether you are ready for spring or not, we have created a style guide for you that can help you elevate your personality with mens summer t shirts and shorts combo for 2024. Keep following for more such updates!