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Guide to Buy Oversized T shirt for Men Based on Body Type

Guide to Buy Oversized T shirt for Men Based on Body Type

Published on 29-DEC-23

Oversized t shirts are the ultimate blend of comfort and style. Oversized t shirt for men are known for their generous proportions, featuring a larger and longer design than standard t-shirts. These mens plus size t shirts are intentionally crafted to create a baggy, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish look. The oversized fit is achieved through modifications in length, width, and sleeve size, resulting in a laid-back and casual aesthetic.

Evolution of the Trend: Plus Size T Shirts for Men

In the 80s, oversized t-shirts for men became renowned after being used by hip-hop artists. From then on, in 90s these tees became popular plus size t shirts for men and women. it can be attributed to a combination of factors that have shaped contemporary fashion preferences. 

Types of Oversized T-Shirt for Men

  1. Classic plain oversized tees: Classic plain oversized tees offer a timeless and versatile option, providing a relaxed fit and essential comfort. 
  2. Tie-Dye tshirt: Tie-dye T-shirts introduce a vibrant and playful element, adding a splash of colour and a trendy, laid-back vibe to the oversized silhouette. 
  3. Graphic plus size tshirt: Graphic plus size T-shirts combine the comfort of an oversized fit with visually appealing designs, allowing you to express your personality through unique prints, logos, or artistic motifs.

Buying Oversized T shirt for Men based on Body Type

If you are planning to buy a plus-size tee for yourself, let us help you find the best oversized t shirts for you based on your body type. 

Rectangular body type: If your shoulders are of the same width as your waist and hip, it means you have a rectangular body shape. For this body type, layer the tee with denim or a blazer to put a structure to your outfit. 

Oval body type: If an oval is formed at the centre of your body and you have narrow shoulders and slim lower legs, you have oval body shape. With this type of shape, wear plus size t shirts with skin-fitted jeans to form a streamlined silhouette. 

Triangular body shape: If your shoulders and chest are narrow than your waist and your middle portion appears larger than the upper body, you have a triangular body. For such body type, prefer high-waisted jeans to elongate your legs along with oversized fit tee. 

Trapezoid body shape: If you are lucky to have broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hip as compared to the upper body, you have a trapezoid body shape. This body type is considered an ideal body shape as it suits any clothing. Therefore, you must show off that waistline by tucking your oversized tee into the jeans. 

Tips to Style DaMENSCH Oversized T shirt for Men

  1. Denim: Opt for a classic pair of blue or black denim jeans for a versatile and casual look. Consider cuffing the jeans for a relaxed vibe.

  1. Joggers: Create a sporty and comfortable ensemble by pairing the oversized T-shirt with stylish jogger pants. Tuck in the front of the T-shirt for a more polished appearance.

  1. Pyjama Pants: Embrace a laid-back and cosy aesthetic by teaming the T-shirt with comfortable pyjama pants. Stick to neutral or complementary colours for a cohesive outfit.

  1. Popcorn Trousers: Experiment with texture by wearing popcorn trousers for a unique and trendy style. Keep the T-shirt the focal point by choosing neutral or subdued colours for the trousers.

  1. Track Pants: Achieve an athleisure look by combining the oversized T-shirt with sleek and tapered track pants. Add sneakers to enhance the sporty vibe.

  1. Shorts: Stay cool and casual during warmer weather by pairing the T-shirt with stylish shorts. Choose shorts that complement the T-shirt's colour or design for a well-coordinated outfit.

Remember to balance the oversized t shirt for men with more fitted or structured bottoms for a polished appearance. Experiment with accessories like watches, hats, or sneakers to elevate the overall look based on the occasion.

Hacks on How to Style Oversized T Shirt

  • Mens plus size t shirts go well with high-waist jeans as they create a balanced look for any body type
  • Feel free to accessorise to create a more defined personality
  • You can never go wrong with styling a denim jacket or blazer over the plus size tshirt 
  • If you are taller, you may opt for a longer tee for more coverage 
  • Avoid wearing a longer tee if you are pairing it with shorts for a sporty look they may make you look shorter
  • Never opt for a plus size tee that is too baggy as it looks shabby