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Innerwear Therapy Session: The Truth about Men

Innerwear Therapy Session: The Truth about Men

Published on 26-SEP-22

If you’ve come here thinking this session might magically change your life because this might be an actual session with a therapist, you might want to find a real therapist. On another note, this session is close to a therapeutic massage for the mind.

According to most experts, men’s emotional intelligence has a higher score in terms of assertiveness, stress tolerance, and self-regard (self-confidence) and has almost zero skills related to empathy or interpersonal skills. Men as little boys are hardwired to society norms by learning to be more assertive, decisive, competitive, and even aggressive. These direct and indirect teachings rarely give space for empathy or interpersonal skills.

It’s not that men don’t want to be empathetic, they are just wired with different expectations and norms. And although this might look like the lighter side of things, being assertive can have its ups and downs in most personal and work relationships. 


The New Man

Although the socialisation process outcome for men has proven to be rewarding in ways, they’ve also experienced uncomfortable scenarios questioning their masculinity time and again. These unrealistic societal norms for being a masculine man have left no space for being soft, perceptive, communicative, and empathetic.

Even while reading the last sentence above, you may be questioning or feeling attacked based on your perception of masculinity. We get it, it’s annoying but that’s why we want to break down the barriers for the ones that are uncomfortable, annoyed, and frankly just want better for themselves.

Men and their Skills: Soft, flexible, and confident

  • Being soft does not imply being a simp. It indicates that you’re comfortable being assertive and empathetic as a leader at work and home.
  • A man who embraces his soft side also lives up to his definition of being a man.
  • Soft does not necessarily mean feminine, it can also denote being your most authentic self and defying all social norms.
  • Soft does not mean you’re an emotional person, it means you’re willing to go the extra mile to improve your mental health.
  • Flexibility is encouraging yourself to be yourself and also being open to others’ opinions.
  • Being a soft and flexible man is a man rooting for growth and being able to reflect on life with courage.
  • Looking good on the outside does not always account for what’s good on the inside. Hence, working on self-confidence can boost your self-identity, relationships and situations.
  • Confidence can bring about respectful changes for those around you.
  • Lastly, being soft, flexible, and confident can bring about changes in handling stress and social pressures much better for your future.

Embracing your soft, flexible, and confident side to build interpersonal relationships with yourself and others can benefit you in many ways as a leader and an entrepreneur. The science behind being emotionally attuned with yourself only comes with learning, identifying, and expressing your own emotions. Healthy interactions play a significant benefactor in our health in subtle ways.

Introducing Innerwear Therapy Collection

We understand that you may not know where to look, so DaMENSCH created the All New Innerwear Therapy Collection that is mindful of your needs and supports your will to be your most authentic self.

The Innerwear Therapy Collection is made for the man who is in search of his higher power. 

With innovative designs and expertly crafted innerwear, our premium collection has therapeutic abilities to push men to do their best.

  • You could be a better man with superior soft fabric.
  • Because of its stretchable features, you will feel free in your thoughts and movements.
  • A boost of confidence is bound to leap with odourless technology.
  • The ability to push men to new heights due to its maximum comfort properties.
  • No itch, itch because our men’s innerwear features moisture-retentive properties that are sweat-proof and prevent microbial growth.
  • Make your money’s worth by investing in a men’s innerwear therapy collection. Their fade-proof dyes last more than a year.
  • By investing in therapeutic innerwear, you create a safe environment for your privates and your mind.

There is so much more to good, comfortable innerwear. Wearing breathable innerwear for men will help you unlock your confidence and achieve goals in a more calm and collected manner. Say bye to those horrifying innerwear that sticks to your body with unreliable fabrics, and say hello to The New Innerwear Therapy Collection. The only therapeutic men’s innerwear that is designed to change your life.