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5 ways to Style Tank Tops for Men this summer

5 ways to Style Tank Tops for Men this summer

Published on 25-MAR-22

Summer is here, and for most of us in India, the sun is beating down on us like never before. It’s the season of mangoes, cool drinks, popsicles and lots and lots of water. When one is not too busy avoiding dehydration, or preventing our house plants from dying, one’s thoughts might turn to fashion. 

Of course, when we think about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the ubiquity of shorts. Pants are so yesterday. It is the season of sweaty thighs and heat rashes. That means, for our own good, the denims and trousers have to take a back seat. The heat means we have to let our skin breathe, and in comes shorts. 

But shorts aren’t the only summer clothing that are useful when things get all hot and sweaty. In fact, this author would argue that in the pop-cultural narrative surrounding men’s fashion in the summer, the tank tops for men are under-represented. There’s probably a myriad of reasons behind this, with its reputation as a garment worn by ‘bad boys’. That’s a shame, because it’s so stylish and functional and perfect to wear in hot weather. 

It’s time to change that! You can simply wear stylish tank tops this summer to stay cool, look smart and beat the heat. But first let’s dig a little about tank tops.

What Is a Tank Top?

Tank tops, just dads and granddads? It’s time to refresh!

Tank tops are now back with a wide variety of styles, along with an injection of several colours, prints and fabrics. These vests are the perfect layers to spice up your summer vibe and make sure that your style game is always on point, especially when donning the vest matches your mood for the day.

Fashion seems to be a lifestyle trend, and you do not want to be left behind just because someone else has a trendier style compared to you. The beauty lies in individuality which every person wears beautifully “whether young or old”! DaMENSCH’s tank tops offer wide varieties of colours and prints to choose from, so get ready to slay this summer like never before!

Ways to Style Tank Tops for Men

Finding Tank tops for men can be tough, and wearing stylish tank tops can be anxiety inducing for those of us who have never done it before. For decades, boys and men had only a few options in the summer season, which were too constricting or too casual. Fortunately, that’s changing thanks to fashion and tank tops for men!

Don’t worry though. About feeling like an imposter, we mean. We have some tips on how to wear tank tops that are going to help alleviate these feelings in no time.

There are a few ways of styling the tank top look without feeling weird about losing your shirt (and baring your chest). With our help, you can be one of the first to have a style all your own by wearing our stylish tank tops for men.

how to style tank tops

  • To begin with, start by making loose tank tops part of your home wardrobe. In the summer, on particularly hot days when you’re at home on a holiday, you might have a hard time relaxing despite your best efforts because of how damn hot it is.

Fix that by adding a tank top to your home wardrobe. Pair your black tank top with some boxers for the best summer outfits. Keep a pair of shorts or chinos handy in case you need to step out. The breathability of the garment will let you beat the heat and keep your body cool. Don’t forget to hydrate though! 

  • Once you get comfortable with how to wear a tank top at home, you might want to add colours to your wardrobe. Once you start incorporating it to your outside wardrobe, you must pick black tank top. It is a must have you don’t want to miss. Apart from that, if worn correctly, white tank tops are also very chic and can add a bit of edge and character to your look when you’re out at a concert or with friends. 

You can layer your white tank top with a shirt. Also, layering can be done with loose tank tops as well. Leave all the buttons open for a classic summer look that increases your cool factor. 

  • Another very interesting summer look for men is to pair the tank top with jeans or cotton trousers. This can be a good look for your neighborhood walks or grocery runs. 
  • Sunny days call for cool outfits, and it doesn’t get much cooler than in a tank top. Swap the pants out for joggers and you have a simple, yet stylish athleisure combo for your morning runs and biking trips. Again, don’t forget to hydrate!

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  • Scarves are a great accessory to have along with a tank top over shirt. A nice cotton scarf with a friendly pattern can go a long way to creating a boho chic along with your loose tank tops and shorts.

This isn’t all to say that tank top styles are only useful in the summer. Nope, not at all. A tank top is definitely a long term investment. Particularly in those months that are not quite winter, nor summer. On some autumn days the wind is very chilly, and even in spring there are some nights that are unusually cool. For those in-between days and nights, pair your black tank top with a jacket or a cardigan to create a nice aesthetic that keeps your body temperature at just the right level.

Tank Tops For Men: Do’s & Don’ts

Now that you have a few ideas on how to style tank tops, we come to a few crucial tips on how you can keep your style quotient up while wearing them. One common misconception about tank tops is that they’re innerwear. That’s not really true. That would be a vest. Tank tops are for wearing over innerwear, so you have to keep in mind a few things. 

how to wear a tank top

1. Length of the tank top

You don’t want your tank top to be too short. The same rule that applies to T-shirts also applies here, which is that a tank top should be long enough to reach your belt loops. This will allow you to tuck them in or wear them loose at will, making it convenient.

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2. Fit of the tank top

Like jeans, tank tops are the type of garment where the fit has to be just right for it to work. The popular idea about tank top gym wear is that they are supposed to be tight, to show off your muscles. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For optimum comfort, the tank top should be a little loose, as a comfortable T-shirt would fit you. Ideally there should be some room for air between your skin and the fabric of the tank top so that you can stay cool. Tight tank tops in hot weather are a recipe for sweat showing up in unseemly pools. So that’s one thing you want to avoid. 

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3. Grooming

The tank top is a garment that shows more skin than a lot of other men’s fashion, so the grooming needs to be appropriate for the fit. The first thing people get rid of is the hair on their shoulders. This makes the look more aesthetic and gives the wearer of the tank top more confidence. Another optional piece of grooming is to trim your chest hair. Most tank top wearers also get their facial hair styled so that the neckline matches up with the neckline of the tanktop. All this being said, personal grooming is a highly personal activity, and these are totally optional! Your body is beautiful the way it is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear tank tops in a public place?

Yes, you absolutely can. There is no law or rule against wearing tank tops in public places, and it is a popular garment that men wear in public places, especially during the summer to beat the heat. If you’re too shy to wear tank tops in a public place, we totally understand. It does show more skin than other men’s garments and we are brought up to be modest about our bodies. However, the mens white tank top is a very stylish and functional piece of apparel, and you can build up the confidence to wear it in a public place by wearing it at home first. However, if you want something comfortable while you’re working out, a proper tank top gym wear can be your best bet!

What is the difference between a singlet and a tank top?

A singlet is a sleeveless, tight fitting garment worn by wrestlers and sports persons as an undershirt. This is more akin to a vest than a tank top. A tank top is a loose fitting garment that is worn by both men and women.

Are men’s tank tops good for working out?

Yes, absolutely. Tank top gym wear is breathable by design and is great to work out in. You can pair them with shorts, or joggers for an athleisure look for your morning run or biking trip.