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Father's Day Fashion: Here's How You Can Update Dad's Wardrobe

Father's Day Fashion: Here's How You Can Update Dad's Wardrobe

Published on 20-JUN-22

There are guys who like to stay stylish at every stage of their lives and are choosy about what they wear. But in most cases, our fathers want to go with that same taste of styling year after year with not much space for experiments. While there is nothing wrong with that, having some fun with colours, and adding a dash of style to the same sartorial lazy wardrobe is worth it. Father’s Day is a perfect excuse for revamping your dad’s wardrobe and showing him the power of small tweaks that can completely change his look.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Sakshi Shrivastava, Senior Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH, suggests some style hacks that you should use to give your dad’s wardrobe a stylish outlook and also the gift ideas for fathers day:


Knit and solid polos in cool shades always work to add a touch of refinement to any outfit. They are extremely versatile and are recommended especially for seniors for a fresher optic. Polos go with almost everything—-from a pair of classy chinos to denim. Add a mix of knit and solid polos to your dad’s wardrobe for a family day out or some printed ones for an evening get-together.

Plain T-Shirts

Dads usually tend to go with solid cotton t-shirts in the same ordinary colours such as black, blue, and gray. Add a dash of excitement with crisp linen shirts in some bright colours. This is the best gift ideas for fathers day and it is a must-have in your dad’s wardrobe for a prime clean look. Men generally look dapper in full-sleeved linen shirts with formal trousers or denims.

Prints and Motifs

When was the last time you saw your dad wearing a shirt with a cool print? Most probably you may have not seen it ever. Give him some options of minimal, subtle, tonal prints in modest colours. You can also opt for khakis, geometric motifs, and ethnic prints among others.

Shorts for a Fun Summer

When thinking of taking your dad out of his normal styling standards, add one piece of clothing that would serve as a style statement and let him celebrate “not your average dad vibes.” A pair of shorts in patterns or vibrant colours that they don’t normally wear is a great idea. Go for some unconventional options like pinks, greens, flamingos, etc. This is one of the gift ideas for fathers day but make sure that he doesn’t get uncomfortable with the choice. A blend of ease, comfort, style, and fun will make him adopt a new sense of style for those relaxed weekend afternoons.


Active dads like to indulge in some physical activity on a daily basis—whether it’s a walk in the park or a yoga session. But if you will notice he might have not updated his athleisure/ activewear for years. Gift him some new trendy workout clothes and he would be amazed to see how far workout clothes have come, as they are constantly evolving to become more moisture-resistant, durable, and stylish. This is one of the best gift ideas for dad.

Easy yet Stylish Pajamas

Our dads like to be at ease in their perfect pair of pajamas when at home. But most of our dads don’t like to buy new pajamas on a regular basis. That old pair of pajamas that he might have been wearing for the past 5 years might be faded, stretched out, or not fit enough anymore. Studies show that what we wear to the bed greatly influences the quality of our sleep and if your dad is wearing those uncomfortable pajamas his quality of sleep is bound to affect. Giving him a new set of pajamas as fathers day gift is a great way of showing how much you care for him.