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DaMENSCH Suggests Black Shirt Combinations for Office Wear

DaMENSCH Suggests Black Shirt Combinations for Office Wear

Published on 31-JAN-24

When it comes to office wear, men usually tend to get a classy, sleek look. And, having a black shirt in their wardrobe can come in handy for these kinds of scenarios. As such a versatile choice, black shirts can help you get different types of black shirt combinations - whether you want to go for a casual office wear look, or you want to be at the top of your game!

Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of these cool black shirt combinations for men. 

1. Black Shirt and Joggers Combo:

For this outfit, first, you need to choose DaMENSCH’s fitted black shirt, along with some sleek joggers from your wardrobe. Make sure to have some neutral tones for the joggers - such as Bright Beige or Mist Grey. 

Wearing this outfit can help you get a relaxed fit for your casual office days or fun Fridays. 

Colours: For this casual black shirt combo, it’s better if you stick with a monochromatic palette with subtle contrasts. So, for these black shirt combinations, you can also consider shades like True Navy, Charcoal Dust or Olive Green for your Joggers.

Accessories: As this is an office look, you can go for a leather belt, a minimalist watch, and some clean sneakers or loafers. Sometimes, a beanie or a casual cap might also work.

Occasion: This outfit can be an ideal choice for some laid-back days, or even a Fun Friday. With this outfit, you can portray both aspects of comfort and professionalism. The main elements in these types of black shirt combinations are the monochromatic palette and neutral tones of the joggers - it helps you get a polished appearance. 

2. Black Shirt and Pants Fusion 

For this black shirt and pants fusion, you can combine a classic black shirt with modern pants. Try to choose pants that have a tailored or even a slim fit - it can give you a polished appearance along with the black shirt. 

This kind of outfit gives off a smart casual vibe - perfect for any normal weekday in your office. 

 Colours: For this outfit, feel free to experiment with some minimalistic textures such as Grey Green, Mirage Blue or Stone Grey. These hues can become pretty good compliments for black shirts while adding a pop of vibrancy.

Accessories: For accessories, you can go for a sporty vibe for this outfit - try pairing stylish sneakers, a sporty watch, or a fun cap. Moreover, having a sleek backpack or messenger bag can give some new dimensions for this smart casual look.

Occasion: These particular black shirt combinations create more of a smart-casual vibe, making it a cool choice for normal weekdays in the office. If your office supports a casual dress code, then feel free to wear this combo as long as you want - this Black Shirt combination pants has both the components of style and comfort. 

3. Black Shirt and Denim Pants Elegance

When it comes to black shirts, you can do a lot of combinations with any type of denim pants. You can try out some deep black or rugged denim pants, with your black shirts for creating a sophisticated contrast.

Colours: It is better if you can stick to traditional denim colours like indigo or dark wash. This colour combination provides a sleek and versatile canvas for various occasions.

Accessories: You can ramp up your denim-black shirt duo with a leather belt, classic wristwatch, and leather boots or loafers. A denim jacket thrown over the black shirt can also add an extra layer of style.

Occasion: These black shirt combinations give off a sophisticated vibe. You can wear these black shirts; denim combos, when there’s an important meeting, or you have to attend a corporate after-work event. Also, remember that in this kind of scenario, going for traditional denim colours might be the best option for this formal black shirt combination.


Apart from these outfits, there can be a lot of different types of combos, when it comes to men's black shirts.

To get a better idea of your taste for black shirt combinations, you can check out our DaMENSCH men's clothing range. Explore a few more possibilities with different colour palettes.

We’re sure that with such a versatile piece of clothing black shirts won’t disappoint you!