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5 Reasons to Start Using DaMENSCH Cotton Towels

5 Reasons to Start Using DaMENSCH Cotton Towels

Published on 19-DEC-23

Cotton fabric has been everybody’s personal favourite and that’s why whether it is daily wear for kids or self, bedsheet, socks, curtains, etc; everything is made from premium cotton. This isn’t restricted to the clothes we wear, people now prefer cotton towels as well. Whether it is a gym for a face towel, each one is replaced by the ones with premium cotton fabric rather than any other or microfibre towel. Let’s understand why everyone is inclined towards these towels.

Benefits of Using Cotton Towels for Daily Use:

1. Ensures Sanitation

You must understand that cotton is a natural fibre with cellulose as its main component. Therefore, cotton fabric is tested and practised in many aspects by textile experts. It also concludes that cotton is skin-friendly and shows no irritation or side effects. It has shown good hygienic performance.

2. Maintains Humidity

Cotton bath towels are known to be poor conductors of heat which makes them porous and offers good elasticity. The fibre is also known to accumulate air between the fabric particles, making it better at retaining moisture while keeping you warm.

3. Great Heat Resistance

Moreover, cotton towels offer great heat resistance which eventually evaporates the moisture on the fabric. That’s also one of the popular reasons this fabric is replaced by other fabrics in the market.

4. Alkali Resistance

Cotton towels are conducive to washing, removing impurities from the body and keeping the skin disinfectant. This is because these towels have high alkali resistance. During the manufacturing, the towels are dipped in alkali solution so that fibres aren’t damaged easily.

5. Absorbency 

The tendency of any object to absorb moisture from the surroundings is called hygroscopicity which is great in cotton bath towels. Therefore, whenever they touch your skin, they always feel soft. In case the moisture increases, the fabric maintains water balance by evaporating the moisture and making you feel comfortable.

All these make cotton bath towels the most purchased towels across the world. But that’s not all!

Why should you switch to DaMENSCH Cotton Towels?

At DaMENSCH, we understand how crucial cotton towels are for you and that’s why we have upgraded them to suit your lifestyle.

Made from Premium Egyptian Cotton

Strong yarn and a high thread count of Egyptian cotton are known to get softer over time providing you with nothing but the best soft towels. They are also known for no pilling which also makes them suitable for children and women.

Dual-Faced Texture

Our cotton bath towels are manufactured with a dual-faced texture. It has an extremely soft terry texture ideal for face skin which is softer than the body. However, for the body, the towel has a waffle texture that revitalises your body and keeps it disinfectant.

Max Absorption

Though it is already proven that cotton towels have good hygroscopicity, DaMENSCH towels are provided with exceptional density ensuring maximum absorption so that you feel dry all the time. This feature makes them ideal for a face or gym towel.

You too can make the switch today from microfibre towels to cotton soft towels from DaMENSCH. For more details to know about our different sizes of cotton towels, visit our website today!