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7 Types of Collars in Men’s Collar Shirts

7 Types of Collars in Men’s Collar Shirts

Published on 05-MAR-24

A shirt's collar plays a pivotal role in defining a man's style, impacting his overall appearance and conveying a specific image. The choice of collar should align with the occasion, as it significantly influences personality projection. For instance, a spread collar exudes a polished and versatile look suitable for formal events, while a button-down collar offers a more casual and relaxed vibe. Selecting the wrong collar might convey a mismatched tone, affecting how one is perceived. Therefore, understanding collar styles and choosing appropriately enhances the harmony between attire and event, contributing to a confident and well-groomed personality.


To help you gather some relevant information related to men's shirt collar types, we have curated a list of 7 types of collars in shirts for men


Men's Shirt Collar Types

Spread Collar Shirt

This collar features a wider distance between the points, giving it a more open look. It's versatile and suitable for various tie knots.

Mens Mandarin Collar Shirt

Also known as a band collar, it stands up straight around the neck without any fold-down points. It's commonly seen in Asian-inspired or casual shirts.

Cuban Collar

Inspired by retro styles, the Cuban collar has short, pointed lapels and an open neckline. It's often associated with vintage and casual looks.

Button-Down Collar Shirt

This collar has small buttons on the points, which fasten them to the shirt. It's a classic style, originating from sportswear, and is often seen as more casual.

Cutaway Collar 

Known for its widespread, the cutaway collar has a distinct angle between the points, creating a broad, open neckline. It's commonly seen in formal dress shirts.

Spear Collar

This collar has a longer and narrower spread compared to the spread collar, creating a sleek and modern look. It's suitable for both formal and casual attire.

Club Collar

Characterised by rounded ends, the club collar is a vintage style that adds a touch of uniqueness to a shirt. It's often associated with old-school sophistication and charm.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Men’s Collar Shirt Types

Choosing the right collar type for men's shirts involves considering various factors to achieve the desired look and comfort. Here's a detailed explanation of four key aspects to consider when choosing collar types:

Collar Stiffness

  • Soft vs. Stiff Collars: The stiffness of a collar can greatly impact the overall appearance of a shirt. Stiff collars, typically fused with interlining material, offer a more formal and structured look. They maintain their shape well which is ideal for formal occasions or professional settings.
  • Soft Collars: On the other hand, soft collars provide a more relaxed and casual appearance. These collars are unstructured and lack the inner lining that stiff collars have. Soft collars are generally more comfortable and work well for casual or business-casual outfits.


 Collar Height

  • High vs. Low Collars: The height of a collar is crucial in determining the shirt's formality and how it complements your facial features. High collars, also known as spread collars, are more formal and suit individuals with longer necks. Low collars, like the button-down collar, are more casual and work well for a relaxed appearance.


Collar Size

  • Proportion to Face Shape: The size of the collar should be proportional to your face shape. For instance, individuals with round faces may benefit from collars with a more significant spread to elongate their appearance, while those with longer faces might opt for collars with a lower spread to balance their features.
  • Comfort: Ensure that the collar size allows for comfortable movement without being too tight. A collar that is too small can be restrictive, while one that is too large may appear sloppy.

Collar Spread Points

  • Narrow vs. Wide Spread: The spread of the collar refers to the distance between the collar points. A narrow spread is more conservative and traditional, suitable for formal occasions. In contrast, a widespread is more contemporary and can add a touch of flair to your outfit. Consider your face shape and the occasion when choosing the spread points.
  • Tie Width: The spread of the collar should complement the width of your tie. A widespread collar pairs well with a larger tie knot, while a narrow-spread collar works better with smaller knots.


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We are hopeful the relevant information about 7 types of collars in men’s collar shirts will help you choose a shirt for the right event in an effective way. For more such content, keep following DaMENSCH!