Our Genesis

The first impression we have of anything is almost everlasting even though the world around us keeps evolving every passing day. This is the underlying process that affects any culture of stagnancy, including something as essential as innerwear which has become completely saturated and underrated over time. Along the way we also noticed the way that men in innerwear have been portrayed so far, as hyper-masculine beings devoid of any real emotions. It was about time that these notions changed for the better. So we decided to challenge the status quo and stir up these spaces.
That’s what inspired us to begin with the basics, because we believe that’s where everything takes root, on the inside.

Three principles that define us:

Contemporary Design.

When it comes to design, we prefer classic with a little edge. So we like to keep our designs a refreshing mix of tasteful contemporary hues imbibed with timeless traditional elements.

Technological superiority.

We like to travel that extra mile when it comes to the quality of our products since we believe it is in those minute technological improvements that will elevate the set standard of the basics. Every last stitch and detail is considered and reconsidered meticulously before it reaches you.

Exceptional value for money.

We’re not the ones to stitch and brag, but maintaining exceptional quality is something we never compromise on. Now just because we’re obsessed with perfection doesn’t mean we don’t believe in fair pricing. So you get a delicately crafted masterpiece while keeping your wallet in check.

Our Mission.

Since the advent of mankind, masculinity has always had a linear narrative. Men have been represented as rugged, authoritative beings devoid of meaningful emotional capability. In reality the definition of masculinity is evolving and diversifying with time. Every man has a different definition and a unique way of expressing it. But it is still not spoken about and we want to change that. We want to break out of the clichéd macho uber-sexual man typecast and expand to new horizons which is inclusive of all men – height, weight, body type, skin colour, sexuality no bar.

We want to celebrate what’s on the inside with all the unfiltered emotions, aspirations, values and fears. We want to #RedefineMasculinity.